Monday, December 16, 2013

It's beginging to look alot like Summer (12/16/13)

Weather here...well, let's just say it's not my kind of Christmas weather! But, I will make it if I have to! Winter wonder land!! That's the goal for my apartment this week! We have a Christmas tree up, so cute!! Maybe one day I will send pictures:)

BODY PILLOW!! I got one just last night, Sister Andersen gave it to me. A member was moving and didn't want it any more so they thought of me and gave it to me! How selfless of them to give me a used Body Pillow!!!

In other news, we are teaching Alexis our one investigator (for right now). She is Awesome! Her husband is a member RM. He is Awesome and LOVES the Gospel!!!

Flash mob this week: not as cool as one would normally think, but cool in the Spirit of God Like A Fire is burning cool!!!!! Everyone loved it!

Sister Violette Carlson!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Monday, December 9, 2013

Service Sisters!! (12/9/13)

Service Sisters!! So, this week we got a call from Pres. Ellis, our Mission Presidency 1st counselor! He is could ask for pretty much anything and get it :) He also thinks its okay for parents to see their children while on Mom come on down!! Bring Uncle Rick with ya! :) ...back to my point...The phone call was short and to the point: "Sister Carlson you got what you wanted. You and your companion are the first Service Sisters in the mission" (I got what I wanted!) We will be blazing the trail for Service Sisters in the mission! So exciting!! It's just another way we can share the Gospel!

Funny moment!!!!
While on exchanges with Sister Anderson this week we did service for a scout thing. We were in communications and as part of that you had to teach a skill, so I gave an example (not because I wanted to but because an Elder thought it would be funny...and it was). Here is the thing, I don't really have skills one can teach. So I thouht of something... something I had learned in YW (Holy moly you do use things they teach you in YW!) How to fold a towel was the only thing I could think of! So, I show them my skill and they ask, "Can you fold other things that way?" and I said "Yes." "Like what?"..."A shirt"..."Can you show us?"..."I don't have a shirt to fold..." "I can take mine off!" (one of the boys starts taking his shirt off)..."NO! Noo, you can leave your shirt on!!" So funny, that would only happen to me!

Random thing: at transfer I saw an Elder that used to serve in my branch back home. So weird, the situation was flipped, and he had a mustach...weird. Bad choice for anyone I guess!

LOVE!! Sister Carlson!!!

Monday, December 2, 2013

It's December!! LLAAAAAAAA!!!!!! (12/2/13)

There is no snow on the ground....What? I want snow!! They say I don't get's going to be a tough Holiday Season!!!

I was transferred to Westpark Ward with Sister McPherson Whitewashing. And guess who is in that ward ...the Mortensens!! PARTY!!! So excited!! I love my new Companion. I was in the same apartment as her a while back so we know each other well! I LOVE MY NEW APARTMENT!! So freaking much!! It's just amazing: walk-in closet, full sized washer and dyer, large bathroom ,and the bedroom its pretty awesome as well! LOVE IT! Also, we are now proud owners of a Cheetah print love seat!! YES WE ARE!! AHHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH Awesomness!!

We had Thanksgiving dinner with our Bishop!! So funny, and they are also having us over for Christmas Eve. We are already planning on Gingerbread house wars...oh, it is on!!

Oh my gosh, I almost forgot to tell you! I'm the driver! Look out Southern California they gave me keys!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So, Sister Anderson is in my Zone now so I get to see hee each week on Mondays and Wednesdays! Awseomeness! I love that girl! We were best friends in the pre-mortal! Sister Drinkwater is one of my STL's again!! Yay!!!!!

So some of you have asked for things I would want for Christmas so I thought I would share some things with all of you.

Christmas List:

Body Pillow
Office Supplies (I LOVE OFFICE Supplies)
Pictures of you and/or your family
Sticky notes
Page protectors
Stuff for my Companion
Nail polish
Target Gift cards!!!
Colored pens!
What ever you had in mind!
Tacobell gift cards? (that would be nice:)

Well all is fair in love and war :)

LOVE Sister Violette Carlson!

Sunday, December 1, 2013

CHRISTMAS 30 DAYS!!!!!!!!!! (11/25/13)

This week I came prepared with a list of things I wanted to tell you about! Normally I forget everything I want to say as soon as I open my email!!

My boot is off!! YES!!! Do I walk normal? As normal as I do, not really!
Did I tell you the story about what happened because I fell down the stairs? Well, I don't remember so here I gooooooo: After getting my very attractive boot and made it all pretty I asked my Distract Leader to come give me a blessing. So, they came over to my apartment to give me the blessing and they were taking for freaking ever! Like, we were going to be late for dinner! Turns out we had texted them the wrong address and they went to the wrong building...What? And they knocked on what they thought was our door. It wasn't, but they found a mom who had just finish praying to have guidance in her life! She asked them back to share their message and now she and her daughter are getting baptized on December 11th!
See, missionary work isn't hard, you just have to fall down the stairs...

I freaking LOVE the Holidays!! So much Happiness, and bright colors, and Jesus!! I love that Guy, He is the reason for the season!!

I'm being transferred tomorrow!! What!? I was so sure I was staying in Dana Point until after Christmas! But I'm ready for a new adventure!

I must tell you of last Monday at zone activity: Our fearless zone leader thought it would be an amazing idea to play Nephites and Lamanites....It was so funny!!!!!! 19 year old boys = 6 year olds at heart! It was a great day!

Mission Choir: My companion is giving me voice lessons so now I sound like am 10 rather than 5! So one day I will Sing in the Choir!!!!!!! ONE DAY!!!!! Also, our choir is going to be doing a FLASH MOB!!!! Yes, you read that right, FLASH MOB!!!!! So cool!!!!!

This past week I trash picked a card board box! Yes, that is right! How I love that box! We play in it...well, Sister Oswald and I do..Sister Has is not into that kind of thing...her loss!!

Well, off I go to finish packing. Freak I have a ton of crap!!! LOVE IT!!!

BUT before I have you done missionary work this week? Why not post a Mormon Message on a social media place you have? or a quote? Just an idea!

LOVE YOU!!! SO MUCH!!!! Sister Violette Carlson!!!!

 With Sister Rubalcava!! She is AWESOME!!! And Sister Oswald (we are getting transferred)

With Sister Wegrowski!!

I did peeeeeeeeeed may pants!!! (11/12/13)

Hello friends, family, and people that are just creeping...yes you! So this week I peed my pants!!!!! Due to the fact that Sister Oswald had to say the funniest thing in the whole world...I would tell you what it was, but it was an in-the-moment kind of thing :)

Well, Taylor got Baptized this week but was late to church due to Satan (What a jerk!)!!! So she has to wait until this coming Sunday to be confirmed! But, we still meet with her daily to keep the Spirit strong each day!

Also I hope you enjoy the picture!!!

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

4 Months Is Coming! (11/4/13)

Dear Brothers and Sisters,
How time is flying by......on the 10th I will have reached my 4 month mark!! How crazy is that!? I'm so old in the mission, yet so young! Sister Oswald and I were talking about days in the MTC; was that really in July that I was there stuck in prison? Longest 12 days of my life, yet so rewarding!! I think spirit prison must be a lot like that: a strong learning environment with a spirit so strong that you are being hit by a spiritual bus every day, all day long!! Stuck in that place but you just want to be free to tell everyone about the Gospel of Jesus Christ!

So many miracles have happened this week!! Did you know that the week before one is baptized, Satan is the biggest jerk!! But Taylor is so strong and ready for the Gospel!! Blessings!!

Also, something funny!
I have found a new pass time in out apartment in awkward hours when I have nothing to do or can't sleep ....Cleaning!! Yes, that's right Mother, pick yourself up off the floor! I love organizing and getting stuff to organize! I love finding new ways to be even more organized! Sheet protectors are my new favorite thing!! And colored pens to color code things! And dividers! I also Love to keep MY kitchen clean! My comps know when they can't eat because I'm cleaning it! They know where I like all of the dishes in the's really nice of them to let me take over the kitchen each P-day! Also, crazy thing I'm not sure if you know, but I'm in the mission choir where I mouth all the words because I cant sing well enough for the director. No more sisters will join so he is stuck with a warm body named Sister Carlson!! Its Fun!

Sister Violette Carlson!!!! HEEEEEEEYYYYYYY I LOVE YOU!!!!! SOOOOO MUCH!!!!! Pray for missionary opportunities!! And jump in a rain puddle!

Monday, October 28, 2013

Today I'm Not Being Lazy And Writing All Y'all (10/28/13)

Well it's been a crazy week, that's for sure!! I don't even know where to start!!!!!!!!!!!!

First, I'm on a new diet!! Along with no chocolate (yeah, I'm allergic to that stuff), no food with acidic stuff in it, and nothing spicy. I said good bye to my smoothies in the mornings. I also have to eat smaller portions, but more times during the day...I like that. All to help out my acid reflex - its' a party in my tummy!! But it gives me a reason not to eat so much at members' homes! When you feed the Sisters think of them and how much they don't want to grow a food baby on there kind to them...Thank you!! Sometimes I put food on one of my companion's plates while no one is looking so she has to eat it not me!! Hahaha, We love doing that to each other!! Its a fun game! Also, just last night I sprained my ankle! Again!!! My Sister Trainer Leader told me to slow down or I would be slowed down...I was slowed down, I should have slowed down! Listen to your leaders! I'm in a boot now, it's way cute! I plan on decorating it! Blessing come in many different ways!!

So a total HUGE MIRACLE happened yesterday at church!!! Taylor came to church with the Vogler family! We had never met or heard about Taylor until Brother Vogler told us in passing that she was a non-member! We ended up talking to her and planned to take her to R.S. and we got talking to her and she had been in a car accident. She was in a lot of pain and also had been going throw some other Sister Oswald told her about blessings and asked if she wanted one. She said yes, so we ran and got our Elders as well as Brother Vogler and she got a blessing...she said it was so powerful and she felt God's Love!! (Yes she did!!) I'm so happy right now!!! Then we started talking and she had a bunch of questions. As we explained things we all knew that she was ready to be baptized, so we asked her and she said yes! She wanted to be baptized that day but we told her we would have to teach her more before we can do that...November 5 is the date she is being baptized!!! So exciting!! What I love most about this is that all Brother Vogler did was talk about the church in a conversation and was an example of the believers!

So my studies have been in Matthew 14 this week when Peter walks on water!! What a great lesson to be learned there. We read that in verse 30 that Peter is afraid because of the storm and starts to sink and says "Lord save me!" And immediately Jesus stretched out his hand to help him! We can be just like Peter, we can have the faith to walk on water and we can be afraid of the storms, and we can always ask for help to follow him! He makes up the difference!!

This week I hope you are all showing kindness towards others and trying to be like Jesus! I hope you will be able to see the blessings from the effort you put out, and pray for missionary opportunities!

With so much love for all of you!! Keep up the good work and you will all be blessed because of your kindness!

Sister Violette Carlson!!!

Tuesday, October 15, 2013


2 transfers, 4 companions, and 4 different apartments! Heavenly Father loves to bless me with change! My companionship of Dana Point is still the same but we are moving apartments so that we will no longer have to share but we will be able to live in the ward boundaries!! Its so great!! Now we will be able to cut down on miles and be able to have a car fast!! I cant wait! 

Who knew you could feel the spirit at Fred's? It was the works of our Greenie as we were driving away from dinner out with our favorite member! It was a crazy loud place but we were able to tune out all of the noise and feel the spirit! We gained so much knowledge from her!

So much has been happening in these past weeks that I forget a lot of it, but the work is growing and we picked up and investigator last night!!! Party!!!
We are going to be singing with him them teaching him a lesson! Oh yeah!!

Question for you to all think about: Is there an Edge to the Universe? Let me know what you think and tell me your reason!

And a shout out to all of you readers from the Hemingford Telephone Office! I LOVE YOU!

With so much Love to all and a Merry Christmas 
LOVE Sister Violette Carlson :)

P.S. Do missionary work!! Its fun and I will give you a gold star :)

Monday, September 23, 2013

It's That Time Of Year Again! (9/23/13)

It's that time of year again...When Violette starts singing Christmas songs ALL the time! I'm putting up a paper Christmas tree this week! Super exciting! I'm already putting Christmas outfits on; they just scream I WANT IT TO BE CHRISTMAS ALREADY! I'm not sure if my companions like it or if its growing on them or if they just put up with it! I borrowed a Christmas CD from other companionship in our apartment but it just doesn't hit the spot, you know! I have started looking for Christmas music but no one seems to be selling it, ahhhhh!

This is my companion Sister Oswald! I LOVE HER!! It was a long day :)

Life's a party! Man, I LOVE being on a mission! I love my companions so stinking much! Some times we have slumber parties down stairs (only twice now)..but we are always in bed by 10:30. No rule breakers here!!!

So awkweird moment for Sister Carlson: I have no idea what got into me! We were at a members house and I started eating before the prayer! Ahahahaha, Good thing this member said "be yourself" when we first got there.

This week we have been teaching about the butterfly effect. What is that? It is that when a buffer fly flaps its wings it can set molecules off in the air that set others off in a motion to create a Hurricane on the other side of the planet...just as people can do this with their actions and the things that they do and say. So as I applied this to myself I thought of two sister missionaries that knocked on my mother's door in Southern California (near our mission) when she was younger and they sang to her. My mom was "Golden" they told her after she was baptized. That right there is the effect of the butterfly! Because those girls knocked on her door I am able to be in the Gospel and serve a mission 24 years later. But if you go back just a little further you would have to thank those sisters' parents, leaders, and examples that helped them go on there missions.. the little things count...thank goodness they do! LOVE MY Mission!!!!

Well it's a party!! With Sister Violette Carlson!!!

LOVE YOU ALL!! remember to do missionary work!

Monday, September 16, 2013

I've seen the light...and its getting closer! AH, that's a bus!! (9/16/13)

So I have been out on a mission for 8 weeks in the field and I have had 4 companions!! Does anyone else see that as Hilarious? I sound like a hot mess when someone says it like that :)

Good news for the Mission! We have started a mission choir and I'm in it.....say what? That's right, Sister Violette Carlson is singing in a choir!! As of yet they have not kicked me out, but there is still time for that! It's fun: you get to see your friends! Party and doing missionary work at the same time! Yea Yea baBeeey!

So two full weeks of training!! ahahahahah, the only way I have been able to do that and not be a hot mess is through the Lord!! He so nice!!!! Helping me out like that... When I ask of course, and it's also like a calling (in church): you just know what to do and say some times! The Lord wants you to do your best!! So many times I have known what to do these past two weeks, not just training, but in the area as well! Talk about a Spiritual bus hitting you!! It's such a nice feeling to know that the Lord is watching over me and wants me to understand so much! What love he has for me!

Stay Humble and listen to what your mom says! No really, I mean it!

LOVE, Sister "Violetteireallylikechristmasmusicanditsnotevennovember!!" Carlson!!


Sister Oswald and I are trying to decide what we want to do for 12 week training.

Line of the week:
Sister Oswald-I think we should pray!
Sister Carlson- No I'm not even mad at you!

We cant even try to get mad at each other, such a blessing!

Thursday, September 12, 2013

"Many are called but few are chosen" (9/9/13)

Well "many are called but few are chosen" was the scripture that was read in the meeting for new trainers on August 30th (Wait, what!? Why would Sister Carlson know that? She has only been out 6 weeks at that point!) I was called up to train! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH say what!!! "You're kidding, right?" was what I asked the assistant that called me! He was not. It was not a joke!

Pray for me!!!!

I was moved from my first area and moved to Dana Point to co-train (why couldn't they tell me in the first place? rude!) I'm training with Sister Oswald. She was with me in the MTC, same zone in fact. We are training Sister Haws, such a sweet girl! We love the area so much! We share the ward with Elders!! It's new trying to make sure we are not going to the same places at the same times, it happens more that one would think!

All missionaries are put in a companion ship for a reason, we just have to figure out why. There can be more than one reason, but our reason that we have found is Faith! We have the Greenie faith! No one has that in the companionship like we do, because we are all so new! We are going to do great things! So watch out Dana Point!!

I might be training at six weeks and it is kinda scary but I took that leap of FAITH!! (I swear that's the theme for the next six weeks!!!) I jumped out of that nest (where my trainers taught me) and now I'm trying to FLY!!! ahhhh

Thought of the week:

Greed gets you nothing but loneliness! So don't be a dirty greet bad (only some family members will get that) (The Lorax ending song:))

Well I love all of you!! No, I really do!! I just might love others more because they show there love with letters!

As seen in pictures I cut and colored my hair about 3 weeks into the field :) Sorry mom! LOVE YOU!!

Now Stay Humble, eat you veggies, don't eat yellow snow and all will be good!!!

Love Sister "Violettekeepingitrealbykeepingmynameinthemissionary"Carlson

Violette and her trainers (9/3/13)

Monday, August 26, 2013

How I Love The Work Of A Missionary! (8/25/13)

How I love the work of a missionary! Its so much fun! Sometimes I forget that I'm on a mission because missionary work is for everyone!

One of our investigators came home from India this week! He IS SOOOO COOLLL! My favorite thing he did this week was talk to his daughter on the phone while we were there and said to her: (she wanted to no why no one liked her and if something was wrong with her) "You know, if I was 14 and not your dad and if it wasn't for Jen (his almost wife), I would totally want to date you!" haha, love that guy!

Also we were using the "Windows of Heaven" program this week. We prayed to know where to go and we thought of Starbuks so we went there at the time we said we would and prayed to find the elect. Sam was standing right outside our car, boom! (Sam is a Jewish man who we saw a couple days before and decided to no longer see because he was not progressing, and was totally creepy!) So we said, "Alright Lord, if this be your will then we will continue to teach him" ...but what happened was Sam had us get him some coffee inside (Sis. DW took off her tag when she bought it) and when we came outside Sam was sitting next to Martin! We were able to teach Martin the Plan of Salvation! AHH, so cool and we are going to see him again this week! Creepy people can lead you to people that are ready to here the Gospel!

Well this week I learned a thing or two at church, First, in a ward mission meeting: a reverence leader in primary is like a security guard at walmart...they do nothing! Second, in sacrament meeting: you should leave your toy rifle in the car if your child insist on bringing in to church .. it is awkward for everyone!

And D&C 31 is a great read..and 1 Nephi 15 ahh, so good!

Stay Humble!

I love you all!! No really, I do!

Keeping it real, Sister "Violette" Carlson

P.S. Have you done any good today? Then wake up and do something more!

Monday, August 12, 2013

If Christ had More to offer would you take it? (8/12/13)

If Christ Had More To Offer Would You Take It? 
This is the question Sister Drinkwater asked Margo Thursday night after a very eye opening training. It was a totally inspired question! Because Margo now started asking the questions. "What is this more to offer?" "How can I get it?" "Through the Book of Mormon." Sis DW said and started telling the story of Joseph Smith and that the Book Of Mormon was translated through him and shared the first vision! Talk about the Spirit that was there on those stairs as she shared it! Margo started to tear up. We did not have a Book of Mormon with us (What? this never happens, we always have one!), so we were able to set up a time to bring it back!! Heavenly Father is in the details of our Lives!! True Story!
That was at about 8:45 at night, but if I go back to about the hours of 10 to 12. I would not have known that we could do that! Why? because from the hours of 10 to 12 I was being taught about finding the God's Elect chosen people! The ones who are prepared for the Gospel and are ready to accept it. Sister Tan taught us to open the windows of Heaven! In my companionship, it opened our minds! The sky has no limits! For instance, when we would go contacting we would pray to reach our goal (such as contacting 25 people and handing out 5 B.o.M. or using our 1 min lesson plans), but now we know that we can pray to ask every time to find one of Gods Elect! And we did, we found Margo! She had time for us and wants to hear more! ahh, the miracles!

This week a very sad thing happened. A member from my distract from the MTC went home. He was struggling in a way that he was worried about home and such, or maybe that it was too hard... but it just saddens me to think that he has already gone home. So if you have a missionary out there of some kind, write them a letter, bear your testimony to them, tell them how proud of them you are because missions are hard and some people need some help from time to time. I'm not asking for letters, I'm saying that you could change a missionary's day and mission from your testimony! I encourage you all to bear your testimony as much as you can this week to a non-member or a member...or just that you LOVE Jesus and the wonderful selfless thing he did for all of us!

Quote of the week! While stuck in traffic (this happens a lot! Sister Trainer Leaders do the exchanges with the half of the sisters in the mission and I get to tag along! (lets just say I LOVE IT!) While we were sitting waiting for traffic to move we were hit by a guy on a motorcycle, and he kept driving!! So my companion (she will stay nameless) Said "DID he just hit our car? He Did! Are you Kidding me!" Ahh, she the sweet quiet one...and it just melts my heart when she gets angry :)

Well, stay humble! I'm keeping the "Violette" in Sister Carlson!

LOVE you all so much,

Sister Violette "Ireallydoloveallofyousomuch" Carlson

Missions are NOT Natural! (8/5/13)

Missions are not natural! That's what has been the main theme of the week. Just because you get on a plane does not mean that you are a changed person, no! You can't just love some one that you're teaching or your companion, you have to beg on you knees for that, every day! And once you got it down keep going to your knees because with out help we can't be the missionary we are meant to be.

This week I had to humble myself to love someone the way Christ would. To see some one through his eye is seeing them in white, no matter what they have done, because He Atoned for EVERYONE'S sin! So everyone has the opportunity if they choose (they still have their agency) to be clean from sin! So seeing them in white is seeing them as their greatest potential. It's also being converted like little do they see everyone in there meekness as kind loving Son's and Daughters of God? I want to be a child again. I feared before my mission that a mission would take the child in me out..but the fact is it's putting the child back in me...I don't think I could ask for more than that.

Now lets take a step back and let all of you remember how awkward I am... contact everyone! Why? Because you love them and want them to come into the fold of God...right? Yes, that is right ...but make sure they have pants on! So...yeah on T St., a place where we like to contact is by the beach. People go hang out on the beach and hang out and go surfing; in wet suits sometimes too..just know that! So at the end of our contacting, because of time, we headed out to our car..but we contact everyone even if you are heading to your car. So out of the corner of my eye I see a guy by his car, what a perfect time to talk to someone: they're not going anywhere and are much better to talk to, but I soon approach him and realize he has just taken off his wet suit and is only wearing a towel around his waist..eye contact was made! And I walked away like an awkward girl! a boss!

Alright one last thing..I love this quote "the fight has already been won! we can choose to celebrate with the winners or mourn with the losers!" God has won and evil has lost already! So PARTY BABY!!

Oh, go to Mormon Messages and watch enduring love! Its a great way to have a happy cry that makes you feel so good :) and My Brother Hyrum was so good as well!

I LOVE YOU all So much!! and I wish you the very best and I hope you have a wonderful week! Do something for someone else today! get blessings to:)

Stay Humble,

Sister Violette Carlson!

Monday, July 29, 2013

Miracles Can Happen just have to believe! (7/29/13)

I'm out!! Prison Break- Mormon Style!! In San Clemente California!!! I'm am in a Dream Team of three! Sister Drinkwater and Sister Garner and ME: Sister Carlson!! Yeah Yeah! Boy do I love it here!!! Wouldn't want to be anywhere else! Man, oh man, do I hate shell shock! The first couple of days it was hard for me to say anything! But don't worry I'm back to my old self (plus a name tag) ;) I LOVE that I have two trainers. I get to learn more than one way how to do things! Awesomeness! 

So my favorite lesson we taught last week was for our focus 15 youth. We taught the Restoration! The Spirit was so strong when Sister Drinkwater shared the account that one of the youth (a 17 year old boy, btw) started to cry and said "How could that not be true! The Spirit is so strong...I feel so lame for crying...!" and he is right, you can't say other wise when the Spirit testifies that strong!

Luh you, Stay humble! I want addresses so I can snail mail people!

Sister Violette Carlson

(and check the side bar f
or Violette's updated mailing address!)

Monday, July 22, 2013

At the Empty Sea (7/18/13)

One week has gone by and I can already say that I want OUT!!! Ahhh, I love the MTC but I want the field, doing the Lords work! We had our Tuesday night devotional and Richard G. Hinckley spoke and he said "if missionaries knew what I know, they world be running from door to door!" I want to be running from door to door!

But I LOVE my Companion and District! Ahh, so much love! I feel like we are the misunderstood Sped kids! We get along so well and can be laughing so loud, then tone it down and have a group discussion in seconds! AWESOMNESS, thats what I call it! :) But I think our District really came together when two of the Sisters needed blessings, so they had the Elders (they're like really awesome brothers) give them a blessing. BOOM, talk about awesome!!! First time blessing for those Elders! It was just amazing!

And I still want out of prison! I did get out on Monday: I had to go and get an ingrown hang nail! Say what!? I have never had one of those in my life! It was like Heaven! The real world! The little blessings... ahh I will be sending pictures soon- it is way attractive! Also, I met my soul sister! We met in the premortal! True story! Well time is short today sorry I don't have more time to tell all of the awesome thing here! Sending pictures soon! LOVE YOU!

Sister Violette Carlson

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

I'm Leaving on a Jet Plane

Hello y'all! It's finally here, I'm reporting to the MTC in an hour! Called to the best mission out there! Irvine California baby! I'm super excited, nervous and to the point where I want to pee my pants...not sure if that's good or bad? Any who this post is short but I want to make sure I get to my point of things! The church is true and that one point is why I'm serving a mission for the LDS church no one made me do this, I'm doing this because this is what my Heavenly Father wants me to do,and I will go where my He wants me to go! Here I am, "send me" I said, and he did! Now remember, Stay Humble!

Sister Violette Carlson

P.S. I love you all, the way I love Dr.pepper!