Thursday, September 12, 2013

"Many are called but few are chosen" (9/9/13)

Well "many are called but few are chosen" was the scripture that was read in the meeting for new trainers on August 30th (Wait, what!? Why would Sister Carlson know that? She has only been out 6 weeks at that point!) I was called up to train! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH say what!!! "You're kidding, right?" was what I asked the assistant that called me! He was not. It was not a joke!

Pray for me!!!!

I was moved from my first area and moved to Dana Point to co-train (why couldn't they tell me in the first place? rude!) I'm training with Sister Oswald. She was with me in the MTC, same zone in fact. We are training Sister Haws, such a sweet girl! We love the area so much! We share the ward with Elders!! It's new trying to make sure we are not going to the same places at the same times, it happens more that one would think!

All missionaries are put in a companion ship for a reason, we just have to figure out why. There can be more than one reason, but our reason that we have found is Faith! We have the Greenie faith! No one has that in the companionship like we do, because we are all so new! We are going to do great things! So watch out Dana Point!!

I might be training at six weeks and it is kinda scary but I took that leap of FAITH!! (I swear that's the theme for the next six weeks!!!) I jumped out of that nest (where my trainers taught me) and now I'm trying to FLY!!! ahhhh

Thought of the week:

Greed gets you nothing but loneliness! So don't be a dirty greet bad (only some family members will get that) (The Lorax ending song:))

Well I love all of you!! No, I really do!! I just might love others more because they show there love with letters!

As seen in pictures I cut and colored my hair about 3 weeks into the field :) Sorry mom! LOVE YOU!!

Now Stay Humble, eat you veggies, don't eat yellow snow and all will be good!!!

Love Sister "Violettekeepingitrealbykeepingmynameinthemissionary"Carlson