Saturday, March 1, 2014

Old Apartment, New Roommates :) (2/24/14)

So this week has been crazy!!! I left West Park ward... yes I cried... but now I'm in Marina Hills! Life is awesome here! I'm in the same apartment I was in for my first transfer in Dana Point, so that's nice. It's the same smell when I go out in the morning; that's what I'm taking about!

My new companion is Sister Hedrick!!! She is boss!!! While talking with her something came out of my mouth that seemed to me something I needed to hear. "Sometimes we are taught a lesson but we don't learn a lesson." What lessons am I re-learning? Why is it that we don't listen the first time around with a trial? We would learn more and progress much faster, have a better life if we would just learn the lessons we are being taught.

Also, while reading my quotes today I was reading my favorite one "Have the courage to touch the Butt!" Finding Nemo.
Do I each day have that courage? How can I have that courage? I want to touch the Butt ...what does that even mean? I don't know, I guess I will have to find out this week what I'm supposed to learn:)

So there is an amazing sister in my new ward, and she is amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! She has such a clear vision of the power missionaries have. Freak, I want to have that much understanding of the power I have as a missionary! She just inspires me!

Love, Sister Violette Carlson!
I love my life I'm so happy right now!!!