Monday, December 16, 2013

It's beginging to look alot like Summer (12/16/13)

Weather here...well, let's just say it's not my kind of Christmas weather! But, I will make it if I have to! Winter wonder land!! That's the goal for my apartment this week! We have a Christmas tree up, so cute!! Maybe one day I will send pictures:)

BODY PILLOW!! I got one just last night, Sister Andersen gave it to me. A member was moving and didn't want it any more so they thought of me and gave it to me! How selfless of them to give me a used Body Pillow!!!

In other news, we are teaching Alexis our one investigator (for right now). She is Awesome! Her husband is a member RM. He is Awesome and LOVES the Gospel!!!

Flash mob this week: not as cool as one would normally think, but cool in the Spirit of God Like A Fire is burning cool!!!!! Everyone loved it!

Sister Violette Carlson!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Monday, December 9, 2013

Service Sisters!! (12/9/13)

Service Sisters!! So, this week we got a call from Pres. Ellis, our Mission Presidency 1st counselor! He is could ask for pretty much anything and get it :) He also thinks its okay for parents to see their children while on Mom come on down!! Bring Uncle Rick with ya! :) ...back to my point...The phone call was short and to the point: "Sister Carlson you got what you wanted. You and your companion are the first Service Sisters in the mission" (I got what I wanted!) We will be blazing the trail for Service Sisters in the mission! So exciting!! It's just another way we can share the Gospel!

Funny moment!!!!
While on exchanges with Sister Anderson this week we did service for a scout thing. We were in communications and as part of that you had to teach a skill, so I gave an example (not because I wanted to but because an Elder thought it would be funny...and it was). Here is the thing, I don't really have skills one can teach. So I thouht of something... something I had learned in YW (Holy moly you do use things they teach you in YW!) How to fold a towel was the only thing I could think of! So, I show them my skill and they ask, "Can you fold other things that way?" and I said "Yes." "Like what?"..."A shirt"..."Can you show us?"..."I don't have a shirt to fold..." "I can take mine off!" (one of the boys starts taking his shirt off)..."NO! Noo, you can leave your shirt on!!" So funny, that would only happen to me!

Random thing: at transfer I saw an Elder that used to serve in my branch back home. So weird, the situation was flipped, and he had a mustach...weird. Bad choice for anyone I guess!

LOVE!! Sister Carlson!!!

Monday, December 2, 2013

It's December!! LLAAAAAAAA!!!!!! (12/2/13)

There is no snow on the ground....What? I want snow!! They say I don't get's going to be a tough Holiday Season!!!

I was transferred to Westpark Ward with Sister McPherson Whitewashing. And guess who is in that ward ...the Mortensens!! PARTY!!! So excited!! I love my new Companion. I was in the same apartment as her a while back so we know each other well! I LOVE MY NEW APARTMENT!! So freaking much!! It's just amazing: walk-in closet, full sized washer and dyer, large bathroom ,and the bedroom its pretty awesome as well! LOVE IT! Also, we are now proud owners of a Cheetah print love seat!! YES WE ARE!! AHHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH Awesomness!!

We had Thanksgiving dinner with our Bishop!! So funny, and they are also having us over for Christmas Eve. We are already planning on Gingerbread house wars...oh, it is on!!

Oh my gosh, I almost forgot to tell you! I'm the driver! Look out Southern California they gave me keys!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So, Sister Anderson is in my Zone now so I get to see hee each week on Mondays and Wednesdays! Awseomeness! I love that girl! We were best friends in the pre-mortal! Sister Drinkwater is one of my STL's again!! Yay!!!!!

So some of you have asked for things I would want for Christmas so I thought I would share some things with all of you.

Christmas List:

Body Pillow
Office Supplies (I LOVE OFFICE Supplies)
Pictures of you and/or your family
Sticky notes
Page protectors
Stuff for my Companion
Nail polish
Target Gift cards!!!
Colored pens!
What ever you had in mind!
Tacobell gift cards? (that would be nice:)

Well all is fair in love and war :)

LOVE Sister Violette Carlson!

Sunday, December 1, 2013

CHRISTMAS 30 DAYS!!!!!!!!!! (11/25/13)

This week I came prepared with a list of things I wanted to tell you about! Normally I forget everything I want to say as soon as I open my email!!

My boot is off!! YES!!! Do I walk normal? As normal as I do, not really!
Did I tell you the story about what happened because I fell down the stairs? Well, I don't remember so here I gooooooo: After getting my very attractive boot and made it all pretty I asked my Distract Leader to come give me a blessing. So, they came over to my apartment to give me the blessing and they were taking for freaking ever! Like, we were going to be late for dinner! Turns out we had texted them the wrong address and they went to the wrong building...What? And they knocked on what they thought was our door. It wasn't, but they found a mom who had just finish praying to have guidance in her life! She asked them back to share their message and now she and her daughter are getting baptized on December 11th!
See, missionary work isn't hard, you just have to fall down the stairs...

I freaking LOVE the Holidays!! So much Happiness, and bright colors, and Jesus!! I love that Guy, He is the reason for the season!!

I'm being transferred tomorrow!! What!? I was so sure I was staying in Dana Point until after Christmas! But I'm ready for a new adventure!

I must tell you of last Monday at zone activity: Our fearless zone leader thought it would be an amazing idea to play Nephites and Lamanites....It was so funny!!!!!! 19 year old boys = 6 year olds at heart! It was a great day!

Mission Choir: My companion is giving me voice lessons so now I sound like am 10 rather than 5! So one day I will Sing in the Choir!!!!!!! ONE DAY!!!!! Also, our choir is going to be doing a FLASH MOB!!!! Yes, you read that right, FLASH MOB!!!!! So cool!!!!!

This past week I trash picked a card board box! Yes, that is right! How I love that box! We play in it...well, Sister Oswald and I do..Sister Has is not into that kind of thing...her loss!!

Well, off I go to finish packing. Freak I have a ton of crap!!! LOVE IT!!!

BUT before I have you done missionary work this week? Why not post a Mormon Message on a social media place you have? or a quote? Just an idea!

LOVE YOU!!! SO MUCH!!!! Sister Violette Carlson!!!!

 With Sister Rubalcava!! She is AWESOME!!! And Sister Oswald (we are getting transferred)

With Sister Wegrowski!!

I did peeeeeeeeeed may pants!!! (11/12/13)

Hello friends, family, and people that are just creeping...yes you! So this week I peed my pants!!!!! Due to the fact that Sister Oswald had to say the funniest thing in the whole world...I would tell you what it was, but it was an in-the-moment kind of thing :)

Well, Taylor got Baptized this week but was late to church due to Satan (What a jerk!)!!! So she has to wait until this coming Sunday to be confirmed! But, we still meet with her daily to keep the Spirit strong each day!

Also I hope you enjoy the picture!!!