Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Smart (8/25/14)

This week was a week of.....I don't know how to put it in to a couple of words, so I will just tell you all about it!

Line of the week:
So freaking Funny! Brother Day was talking to all of the missionaries in the Newport Stake and was saying how its so great that there are more Sisters out and and how nice it is that they get to wear their clothes now! Hahahahahahah, he didn't mean for it to come out like that, he just meant that we get to wear pretty colors and clothes that don't make us look like a sack of potato's! ...half of the time.. Hahaha, good times!

So being in Newport YSA we do a reach-out night on Tuesdays when we stop by to visit new people in the ward and people that haven't been to church in a while. So we go by to see Richy and hes not there, but his roommates are there and we were able to have a question and answer session. It was AWESOME!!! So many good questions! We should be meeting with them again this week! COOL!

So BIG news!! We are working with a less active woman but she is coming back slowly but surely!!! And this week she has an interview with Bishop and she is able to get her Patriarchal Blessing! Wow, wow!! She is also working towards getting her temple recommend! WOWOWOWOWOWOW ahhhh So exciting!!!! I love being a missionary!!

Service this week:
We got 10 hours!!! YES!!! PRAYERS answered!!! How cool is that? We have been trying SO hard to get service hours and we got it! Hopefully we will still get in some service this next week! This week we were able to do service to help set up for a reception! Oh yeah!! That was fun!!! Sister Jennings and I have decided the best way to go is elope!

Also, we got a full dose of Mexican Coke this week! Just one bottle!

Well I love you all!!! Keep up the great work you're doing!!!

LOVE, Sister Violette Carlson

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Glamour Shots (8/18/14)

I just loved this week! It was so much fun!

Fat camp is going great! Never felt better....right! But that blessing I got because I felt tired...it really worked! Just like it said in a weeks time I would be able to see a difference! I DO!! I just love Heavenly Father, he really does love me!!!

This week was a knock out! I ate Cafe Rio for the first time! So freaking good! #yum!! We taught Angie this week and it was great! I like teaching Angie because she has lots of questions about what scriptures mean, and she asks them. Sometimes Sister Jennings just sits there thinking, "that was such a great question...we have no idea!" Also another reason why I love teaching her is because this time around I'm not a greenie; not knowing what the freak is going on with my trainers are teaching her the whole time! (Cool thing: I taught Angie in my first area!)

We LOVE the UCI campus! We go there a couple time a week because its summer time, but we will go there more when school is in session! We were able to teach 3 or 4 people this week and one of them was named David. He thought the idea to pray to God to get info from him was so cool. He had never thought of it to know if what we shared was true. I love asking God for info! If don't know what to do, I ask Him!

Okay, so I got to be a farm girl this week! Sister Jenning and I have been praying to do some service in the ward. It's a lot harder than one would think to find service opportunities in a YSA ward! But we got some service and were going back for more this week! We tore apart a back yard, just ripping weeds and chopping and digging roots up out of mother earth! It was so much fun...and I got to wear stretchy pants! GO GO POWER RANGERS! YEAH! We are doing this for Lauren, who we helped get ready for company the week before. We even moved a TV down stairs, and yes, we are sending that rumor around the ward! OH YEAH! This week we are moving a dyer! Just wait until the ward hears about that! People will just have to ask us to do service for them! Lauren is also an RSM (Returned Sister Missionary) so she has a bunch of music we can listen to...including Christmas music!! Yeah, she is FABULOUS!!!

We finally have friends that want to sit with us at Church! We might have to move up a row to get more seats for all the people that want to sit with us! GO SISTER J AND SISTER C #notyourtypicalsistermissionaries!

Okay, cool thing! NEWPORT TEMPLE TOURS! Oh yeah! We don't get to give them because they keep us out in the field but they are happening! AWESOME! They are doing a trial run for two weeks to see how it goes! So far it's going great!

Now, let's just take a moment to say thank you to the Sister Missionaries who found my Mom! How cool are they!? Twenty-five years ago they just knocked on her door sang her a song and asked if they could share a message with her! Go team! Sister Missionaries ROCK!

Also, God is good! I rolled my ankle on Friday. It hurt real bad, the worst it has ever felt rolling my ankle! I was for sure a goner! But ten minutes later I got up and walked! Oh yeah! It still hurts from time to time but I'm getting it checked out! Thank goodness I don't have to walk around in a Boot again! Hahahaha, I just love life!!

The funniest thing happened this week!
Uncle Bert takes pictures for the ward list and Sister Jennings wanted to get one and put it up on the all by Bishop's Office, to kinda just put our face out there. We thought it would be really fast but, nope, he wanted to have a full on photo shoot! Hahahahahah, it was so funny! So that whats up with those glamour shots! The last one is my favorite!

Well, I love you all! I hope you stay classy and sassy and a little smart!


Thursday, August 14, 2014

Drop It Like It's Hot (8/11/14)

This week has been crazy fun! It's sad that we lost Sister Jibas...we miss her so much! At random times we will just be driving along and think, "where is that girl! It's not as fun with out her!"

Moving apartments! I now live in the West Park area!! Hahahaha, I just drive by places and think, "So and so lives there!" I had to stop telling Sister Jennings where everyone lives; she might be going crazy! As far as getting everything to our apartment it only took two trips (with just enough room for Sister Jibas to sit in that back)! Go team! Sister Jennings and I love the new apartment so much!! It has a felling about it and sometimes it makes noises that sound like a rocket ship taking off so we get to have fun with lift off and landing training! Sometimes we feel like Power Rangers and get all ready for battle!!

Okay we had a The Best Two Years moment this week! Sister Jennings felt like she needed a bagel for breakfast the next day and we had forgotten them while we went shopping so she wanted to go get some. I said sure lets go...it was 9 at night...and we went and we were able to see an old friend, Mayra! And she wants to meet with us because (words out of her own mouth..) "were so cool!" Go, go, Power Rangers moment!!

In a Plan of Salvation lesson we were teaching how when we die our spirits are separated from there body and go to Spirit Paradise...and as soon as I said spirits are separated from there body...a 5 lb pine cone falls to the ground! BOOM!!! Almost smashing Sister Jennings or I in the head! So close...it definitely made Jessica remember that lesson! Who could forget that! 

Also, this week Sister Jennings and I started Fat Camp...we have gotten a few suggestions to change the name to make it more positive. like Drop It Like It's Hot...ahahahahaha, so funny!
Mom, cool thing: I can now make hash browns with out turning them into mush!! Oh yeah, you really do learn on your mission!

So this week Sister Jennings and I have felt really tired; like we have to pull over and talk a 20 minute cat nap so we can stay awake on the road. Are we going to bed on time? Yes. Getting upon time? Yes. We don't know what is going on, we even fell asleep in chairs while waiting for people to come and play basket ball on Thursdays! What!? So I asked for a blessing, as my zone leader laughed at me! Rightly he did, because its so freaking funny! Well I'm not as tried as I used to be, so it is AWESOME!!
Also, this week we were so lucky to get to take an RM out with us! And what blessings came! The Spirit was with us so strongly! We were able to find places that we have never been able to find!  It was so cool. We were looking for a place and we asked as guy where it might be and he said he didn't know but that we should just park and look for it on foot, so we did. We parked and as we got out of the car the place that we were looking for was right in front of our faces!!
Food for thought! 1 Peter 1:7 The hard times we have are worth more than gold!
Also, Funny Funny Funny! We ate dinner this week with a Marshallese family and they had a Marshallese party...and they ordered in Chinese food! Hahaha, so funny!
Well I love you!!!
LOVE Sister Violette Carlson

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Sister Sister! (8/4/14)

Well this week was amazing! I love it up here in Newport!

Funny story! As part of being in the Marshallese group we go to a lot of parties some people probably say that it's not worth our time to go to, but it so is! I know that the parties we go to help strengthen relationships with people and get us in the eyes of people we are trying to get to know and start teaching! There was this party that was last Sunday and the Children of the Queen and King of the Marshall Island were there! Yeah, cool! So our companion Sister Jibas was staying there for the whole party while sister Jennings and I went to a fireside for the YSA ward. We had been going all day so by the time the food was served for the party we had to go. They had us take our food when we left and the best part was that they serve their food in to-go holders! We had been going and going since some early meetings that morning and we had yet to eat dinner...so we ate it at the fire side...hahahaha! It was so funny because afterwards we were thinking about it, and it looked like we bought food on Sunday and got it to go so we could eat it at the fire side! Hahahaha, Sister Jennings and I are foodies!

So this week we started teaching Angie! I taught her when I was I San Clemente! That was about a year ago! Crazy; she wants to keep learning and get through some of her concerns! Well, Angie is the best!! She is such a good person!

Sisters Conference! Say what!? Yes, all 60 sister missionaries were at the Mission President's home and spent the night! Hahaha, Yes!! What time did I go to sleep? Well, I tired to go to sleep at 11 but there were these two sisters that decided they would stay up until 12:30 talking. Let's just say I'm already NOT a morning person but they just helped that one out! Sister Orgill (the mission president's wife) said good morning to me and I just looked at her like, "what do you want form me?" and said, "Yeah, its a great morning!!" But then we all did morning work outs and Sister P invited Sister Jennings and I to help her teach everyone how to Hawaiian dance...lets just say I was okay!

Transfers: Sister Jibas is leaving us! Bitter sweet! So sad to leave her; but nice because we will only be covering one area so we can give it 100% of our time. It will get the attention it deserves. We are also moving apartments! YES! I love moving; it will be a new adventure! Sad part...moving ALL over our stuff! Sister Jennings and I are...hoarders! If you can be one of those on your mission. But lets be possitive...Sister Jennings and I did a little sweet talking (asking lost and lost of questions) and got out of the Assistants where we should be moving! Yes! Irvine, into the West Park area!! YES!! So exciting!! We will still be in the Newport YSA area, they just have us moving so they can put other sisters in our apartment and close to their area. For us it means we just get to drive more, YAY!!!!

Well I love you!!

Sister Violette Carlson