Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Glamour Shots (8/18/14)

I just loved this week! It was so much fun!

Fat camp is going great! Never felt better....right! But that blessing I got because I felt really worked! Just like it said in a weeks time I would be able to see a difference! I DO!! I just love Heavenly Father, he really does love me!!!

This week was a knock out! I ate Cafe Rio for the first time! So freaking good! #yum!! We taught Angie this week and it was great! I like teaching Angie because she has lots of questions about what scriptures mean, and she asks them. Sometimes Sister Jennings just sits there thinking, "that was such a great question...we have no idea!" Also another reason why I love teaching her is because this time around I'm not a greenie; not knowing what the freak is going on with my trainers are teaching her the whole time! (Cool thing: I taught Angie in my first area!)

We LOVE the UCI campus! We go there a couple time a week because its summer time, but we will go there more when school is in session! We were able to teach 3 or 4 people this week and one of them was named David. He thought the idea to pray to God to get info from him was so cool. He had never thought of it to know if what we shared was true. I love asking God for info! If don't know what to do, I ask Him!

Okay, so I got to be a farm girl this week! Sister Jenning and I have been praying to do some service in the ward. It's a lot harder than one would think to find service opportunities in a YSA ward! But we got some service and were going back for more this week! We tore apart a back yard, just ripping weeds and chopping and digging roots up out of mother earth! It was so much fun...and I got to wear stretchy pants! GO GO POWER RANGERS! YEAH! We are doing this for Lauren, who we helped get ready for company the week before. We even moved a TV down stairs, and yes, we are sending that rumor around the ward! OH YEAH! This week we are moving a dyer! Just wait until the ward hears about that! People will just have to ask us to do service for them! Lauren is also an RSM (Returned Sister Missionary) so she has a bunch of music we can listen to...including Christmas music!! Yeah, she is FABULOUS!!!

We finally have friends that want to sit with us at Church! We might have to move up a row to get more seats for all the people that want to sit with us! GO SISTER J AND SISTER C #notyourtypicalsistermissionaries!

Okay, cool thing! NEWPORT TEMPLE TOURS! Oh yeah! We don't get to give them because they keep us out in the field but they are happening! AWESOME! They are doing a trial run for two weeks to see how it goes! So far it's going great!

Now, let's just take a moment to say thank you to the Sister Missionaries who found my Mom! How cool are they!? Twenty-five years ago they just knocked on her door sang her a song and asked if they could share a message with her! Go team! Sister Missionaries ROCK!

Also, God is good! I rolled my ankle on Friday. It hurt real bad, the worst it has ever felt rolling my ankle! I was for sure a goner! But ten minutes later I got up and walked! Oh yeah! It still hurts from time to time but I'm getting it checked out! Thank goodness I don't have to walk around in a Boot again! Hahahaha, I just love life!!

The funniest thing happened this week!
Uncle Bert takes pictures for the ward list and Sister Jennings wanted to get one and put it up on the all by Bishop's Office, to kinda just put our face out there. We thought it would be really fast but, nope, he wanted to have a full on photo shoot! Hahahahahah, it was so funny! So that whats up with those glamour shots! The last one is my favorite!

Well, I love you all! I hope you stay classy and sassy and a little smart!