Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Smart (8/25/14)

This week was a week of.....I don't know how to put it in to a couple of words, so I will just tell you all about it!

Line of the week:
So freaking Funny! Brother Day was talking to all of the missionaries in the Newport Stake and was saying how its so great that there are more Sisters out and and how nice it is that they get to wear their clothes now! Hahahahahahah, he didn't mean for it to come out like that, he just meant that we get to wear pretty colors and clothes that don't make us look like a sack of potato's! ...half of the time.. Hahaha, good times!

So being in Newport YSA we do a reach-out night on Tuesdays when we stop by to visit new people in the ward and people that haven't been to church in a while. So we go by to see Richy and hes not there, but his roommates are there and we were able to have a question and answer session. It was AWESOME!!! So many good questions! We should be meeting with them again this week! COOL!

So BIG news!! We are working with a less active woman but she is coming back slowly but surely!!! And this week she has an interview with Bishop and she is able to get her Patriarchal Blessing! Wow, wow!! She is also working towards getting her temple recommend! WOWOWOWOWOWOW ahhhh So exciting!!!! I love being a missionary!!

Service this week:
We got 10 hours!!! YES!!! PRAYERS answered!!! How cool is that? We have been trying SO hard to get service hours and we got it! Hopefully we will still get in some service this next week! This week we were able to do service to help set up for a reception! Oh yeah!! That was fun!!! Sister Jennings and I have decided the best way to go is elope!

Also, we got a full dose of Mexican Coke this week! Just one bottle!

Well I love you all!!! Keep up the great work you're doing!!!

LOVE, Sister Violette Carlson