Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Sister Sister! (8/4/14)

Well this week was amazing! I love it up here in Newport!

Funny story! As part of being in the Marshallese group we go to a lot of parties some people probably say that it's not worth our time to go to, but it so is! I know that the parties we go to help strengthen relationships with people and get us in the eyes of people we are trying to get to know and start teaching! There was this party that was last Sunday and the Children of the Queen and King of the Marshall Island were there! Yeah, cool! So our companion Sister Jibas was staying there for the whole party while sister Jennings and I went to a fireside for the YSA ward. We had been going all day so by the time the food was served for the party we had to go. They had us take our food when we left and the best part was that they serve their food in to-go holders! We had been going and going since some early meetings that morning and we had yet to eat dinner...so we ate it at the fire side...hahahaha! It was so funny because afterwards we were thinking about it, and it looked like we bought food on Sunday and got it to go so we could eat it at the fire side! Hahahaha, Sister Jennings and I are foodies!

So this week we started teaching Angie! I taught her when I was I San Clemente! That was about a year ago! Crazy; she wants to keep learning and get through some of her concerns! Well, Angie is the best!! She is such a good person!

Sisters Conference! Say what!? Yes, all 60 sister missionaries were at the Mission President's home and spent the night! Hahaha, Yes!! What time did I go to sleep? Well, I tired to go to sleep at 11 but there were these two sisters that decided they would stay up until 12:30 talking. Let's just say I'm already NOT a morning person but they just helped that one out! Sister Orgill (the mission president's wife) said good morning to me and I just looked at her like, "what do you want form me?" and said, "Yeah, its a great morning!!" But then we all did morning work outs and Sister P invited Sister Jennings and I to help her teach everyone how to Hawaiian dance...lets just say I was okay!

Transfers: Sister Jibas is leaving us! Bitter sweet! So sad to leave her; but nice because we will only be covering one area so we can give it 100% of our time. It will get the attention it deserves. We are also moving apartments! YES! I love moving; it will be a new adventure! Sad part...moving ALL over our stuff! Sister Jennings and I are...hoarders! If you can be one of those on your mission. But lets be possitive...Sister Jennings and I did a little sweet talking (asking lost and lost of questions) and got out of the Assistants where we should be moving! Yes! Irvine, into the West Park area!! YES!! So exciting!! We will still be in the Newport YSA area, they just have us moving so they can put other sisters in our apartment and close to their area. For us it means we just get to drive more, YAY!!!!

Well I love you!!

Sister Violette Carlson