Monday, July 29, 2013

Miracles Can Happen just have to believe! (7/29/13)

I'm out!! Prison Break- Mormon Style!! In San Clemente California!!! I'm am in a Dream Team of three! Sister Drinkwater and Sister Garner and ME: Sister Carlson!! Yeah Yeah! Boy do I love it here!!! Wouldn't want to be anywhere else! Man, oh man, do I hate shell shock! The first couple of days it was hard for me to say anything! But don't worry I'm back to my old self (plus a name tag) ;) I LOVE that I have two trainers. I get to learn more than one way how to do things! Awesomeness! 

So my favorite lesson we taught last week was for our focus 15 youth. We taught the Restoration! The Spirit was so strong when Sister Drinkwater shared the account that one of the youth (a 17 year old boy, btw) started to cry and said "How could that not be true! The Spirit is so strong...I feel so lame for crying...!" and he is right, you can't say other wise when the Spirit testifies that strong!

Luh you, Stay humble! I want addresses so I can snail mail people!

Sister Violette Carlson

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Monday, July 22, 2013

At the Empty Sea (7/18/13)

One week has gone by and I can already say that I want OUT!!! Ahhh, I love the MTC but I want the field, doing the Lords work! We had our Tuesday night devotional and Richard G. Hinckley spoke and he said "if missionaries knew what I know, they world be running from door to door!" I want to be running from door to door!

But I LOVE my Companion and District! Ahh, so much love! I feel like we are the misunderstood Sped kids! We get along so well and can be laughing so loud, then tone it down and have a group discussion in seconds! AWESOMNESS, thats what I call it! :) But I think our District really came together when two of the Sisters needed blessings, so they had the Elders (they're like really awesome brothers) give them a blessing. BOOM, talk about awesome!!! First time blessing for those Elders! It was just amazing!

And I still want out of prison! I did get out on Monday: I had to go and get an ingrown hang nail! Say what!? I have never had one of those in my life! It was like Heaven! The real world! The little blessings... ahh I will be sending pictures soon- it is way attractive! Also, I met my soul sister! We met in the premortal! True story! Well time is short today sorry I don't have more time to tell all of the awesome thing here! Sending pictures soon! LOVE YOU!

Sister Violette Carlson

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

I'm Leaving on a Jet Plane

Hello y'all! It's finally here, I'm reporting to the MTC in an hour! Called to the best mission out there! Irvine California baby! I'm super excited, nervous and to the point where I want to pee my pants...not sure if that's good or bad? Any who this post is short but I want to make sure I get to my point of things! The church is true and that one point is why I'm serving a mission for the LDS church no one made me do this, I'm doing this because this is what my Heavenly Father wants me to do,and I will go where my He wants me to go! Here I am, "send me" I said, and he did! Now remember, Stay Humble!

Sister Violette Carlson

P.S. I love you all, the way I love Dr.pepper!