Monday, July 22, 2013

At the Empty Sea (7/18/13)

One week has gone by and I can already say that I want OUT!!! Ahhh, I love the MTC but I want the field, doing the Lords work! We had our Tuesday night devotional and Richard G. Hinckley spoke and he said "if missionaries knew what I know, they world be running from door to door!" I want to be running from door to door!

But I LOVE my Companion and District! Ahh, so much love! I feel like we are the misunderstood Sped kids! We get along so well and can be laughing so loud, then tone it down and have a group discussion in seconds! AWESOMNESS, thats what I call it! :) But I think our District really came together when two of the Sisters needed blessings, so they had the Elders (they're like really awesome brothers) give them a blessing. BOOM, talk about awesome!!! First time blessing for those Elders! It was just amazing!

And I still want out of prison! I did get out on Monday: I had to go and get an ingrown hang nail! Say what!? I have never had one of those in my life! It was like Heaven! The real world! The little blessings... ahh I will be sending pictures soon- it is way attractive! Also, I met my soul sister! We met in the premortal! True story! Well time is short today sorry I don't have more time to tell all of the awesome thing here! Sending pictures soon! LOVE YOU!

Sister Violette Carlson