Wednesday, January 22, 2014

It's Almost My Birthday!!! (1/21/14)

It's almost my birthday!!!

It's so weird, I'm going to be 20!!!! AHAAHAHAHAHAHA. But now it is my Birthday Week so we shall PARTY!!!! And when I say party I mean go out to eat. Once. This week :) It shall be AWESOME because I said so!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So had a pretty AWESOME week.......
Let's start with P-Day!!!!!!!!!! We played Volleyball and chair soccer!!! YEAH! So much Fun!

Tuesday was event full! Finally got into a less-active's home we have been trying to for the last 8 weeks! Awesmeness! She said she wants us to come back and teach her each week and she is panning on coming to church; even if she doesn't even care if there are people there who offended her! Also, at dinner my favorite girl said the funniest this in the world! She (who is 7 almost 8) said, "When I first saw Sister Carlson at church I thought she was pregnant!" hahaahahahaha, So funny! She thinks so many people are pregnant that are not so that she asked me makes it even funnier!!!!! She also has asked me where my husband is if I'm on a mission!?! Awkwierd!!!!! She was very confused by it all!

Nothing too eventful on Wednesday, but Thursday was fun! Choir is now on Thursdays and since I got kicked out I don't have to go :) But my comp does go so I go on exchanges with Sister Burgett!!! Sister Drinkwater went with us this week as well. We were driving to a service project where I noticed that a girl was struggling with her tire so I thought, "Oh, I will help her change her tire...or I will just call the Elders!" Turns out she just got a trash bag stuck in her rim so we took it out then set up an appointment with her and said a prayer right there! So cool.... Sister Drinkwater sat in the car the whole time due to the fact she was in pain and sickly, and when we got back in the car she said. "I thought I was watching the Distract!!" (Those are training videos for missionaries, you can watch them on Hahaahahah!

Friday: Weekly planning Day :)

Saturday: Choir in Mission Viejo for a stake conference! It was AWESOME!!!

Sunday: Stake conference in our own building! We talked about hastening the work and how our stake is to do it through less actives! It shall be AWESOME!!!

Also, met a new family in the ward! LOVE THEM!!! SO MUCH!!! They had us over for dinner last night and fed us Olive Garden!!! WHAT!?!? MY FAVORITE! YUMMMMMMMMMMMM!!! They also invited us to a Hockey game....but we have an appointment to pick up a new investigator tonight at the same time.....So maybe next time!

LOVE, VIOLETTE CARLSON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Stay Classy!!!!!!!!! Keep your first name in the name tag!!!

Sometimes I Just Want To Wear Pants (1/13/14)

Well this week I wanted to wear pants all week and that is why I titled this "Sometimes I Just Want to Wear Pants." Pants are just so nice! They are like love... I think that's what love is like!

The Reaping: The first transfer meeting that I had no idea who my companion was going to be! I thought I knew but I was wrong....

My new companion
Sister Lang!!! What!? She is from my MTC District! YES!!! I know her!! She is an amazing missionary! She loves to work almost as much as I do and is really good at nightly planning and is just AWESOME!!! She is quiet so I find ways to make her not so quite or laugh at me. Once, I surprised her when I pulled out my microphone from underneath my seat to sing to her :) She did not see that coming!

Oh, so a fun miracle this week: we were going to see this family but it didn't feel right so I felt like I needed to go see someone we had not been able to stop by earlier that day. We knocked on her door and the door next to it opened with dogs running out attacking my companion! She was Scared!! So we're trying to get away from the dogs when the girl we came to see opens the door and closes it.... So, awkwardly, we knock on her door and she comes out being all weird with us but as soon as we say "missionaries" her eyes light up! She asks. "Do you have the Book?" I say, pulling it out of my pocket, "Yes, we have the book." and hand it to her. Then her phone rings and it's her mom! She is struggling to decide whether to talk to us or mom....that's awkward. Taking the book she says, "Can I have this?" We say, "Yes, it is yours for free!" (free is key!!!) and she takes it....saying please come back later I just have to talk to my mom.... hahahah So awesome!!! I Love missionary work!!!!!!

Also: Sadness! Said goodbye to Alexis and Mark!!!! I love them so much!!!

Also, I have this game I play with Sister Lang. I act like a child and say, "Mom, can we take that shopping cart home?" (because its in the middle of the street). She always tells me no. I just don't understand why she says I cant have it!! She tells me it's to much responsibility...What!? I don't think so!!

Well my last thought is...Who are you? Is that the same person God intended you to be?

LOVE, Sister Violette Carlson!!!!!!
Keeping the first name in the name tag :)

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Keeping The First Name In the Name tag!! (1/6/14)

For my mission I have had this motto about remembering my first name. I finally have a catch phrase: "Keep your First Name in the Name Tag!" I love that! And I'm so excited that now I have a simple way to say it :) That brings me so much joy!

20 days until my BIRTHDAY!!!!!! What!? So exciting!!!! I will no longer be a teenager, weird!!!!!!!!!

Being the third wheel this week was so much fun! I got to hang out with Sister Anderson and Burgett for most of it. I'm in a companionship with them right now because I dropped my Companion off at the airport today!!! So weird, she is going home and will complete her mission as a service missionary! So cool! LOVE THAT Girl!!!! I get my new comp Tuesday night at transfers meeting!

So right now I have my own car and apartment.... it's so weird, I feel lost in some ways...but it's only for 30 hours so it's not that bad. All is well!

We got to spend the night at mission presidents house last night. That was awesome!!!! It was like being with Mom and Dad for a night... they just have so much love in their hearts!

This past week was New Years so that meant be in by our zone had a zone activity at 7! We played this game that Sister Anderson calls Feed The Magical Dragon. It's pretty much bean bag toss with two holes across from each other with teams...Elder Belnap got us hooked! We got crazy with that game!! Then we played Werewolf! Mafia to the max!!! Lots of contention; but we all loved each other!!

So sad day: Mark and Alexis are moving! Alexis investigator and mark the member!! They are my favorites! I LOVE them so much!

Also a shout out to Brain! Have a great week! Keep up the great work as a ward missionary!

LOVE Sister Violette Carlson!!!!!

Sunday, January 5, 2014

The Week of Christmas! (12/30/13)

Well last week after emailing we got to go to Deseret Books...outside the mission...yeah...we got permission, don't worry!

I Skyped with me family on Christmas Eve; it just worked out better that way! It was a party! Then after that (we were at Bishop Yost's house) we had ginger bread wars!! We won, of course...AWESOMEnesss!!! Kicked some butt! That's right Elders! You lose! (Not like I wanted to win super badly or anything!)

Christmas Day!!!
7:00 Sister Anderson and Burgett show up with our planned breakfast: McDonald's! Best breakfast EVER!!!!
Then we partied for a time before sending them off to their breakfast with a member.

11:00 Brunch with the Izu's: crepes and harsh browns...YUM!!!!

12:30 Go to Sister Smith's after being lost for like 20 mins. She had us come with her to visit some people that live near her and give gifts with her!

1:30 At the Jenkins home the Elders were there too. I'm the only one that had Skyped already! So they Skyped while I hung out with the Jenkins family. MAN, I love this family, they are so awesome! Sister Jenkins is the one who gave me the body pillow!

4:00 Off to the Kimball's where we ate sloppy Joes. Not your traditional Christmas dinner, but thank goodness!! I must have gained too much weight to even say in an email this past week!

5:30 The Orgills! We played games and ate; I love our Mom and Dad of the mission! They are the best!!!

7:30 Zone Activity! We played the game they play in Harry Potter (Quidditch) on brooms and dustpans that are on a stick!!! Funnest game of my life...and not too many injuries...

9:00 go home....9:45...I was out cold!!!!

Oh, and this up coming week I get to be a third wheel! So exciting! My companion will be in the mission office from 9am to 5pm helping Pres. Lutz (one of the counselors in the mission presidency) with something so I will have to be the third wheel with a different companionship for a week!! Oh, and transfers will be coming up next Tuesday! We will both probably stay...but who knows, we could get a third companion!

LOVE Sister Violette Carlson!!!!

This Week Is Christmas!! (12/23/13)

I love Christmas so much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It is awesome! Why? Because, what is the reason for the season....JESUS!!! He is Awesome!!! Because of him I can be clean from all of my sins and live with my Heavenly Father again one day!

I love Choir! Why? Because, it has helped me grow an even deeper love and knowledge for my Savior Jesus the Christ. I can't explain it in words but I just Love My Savoir oh so much! When I sing in the choir my testimony glows of the truthfulness of the words I sing. Angels We Have Heard On High has become my favorite to sing with my companion. I know that because I'm singing it all the time! If you think of the words, its Shepherds talking to the towns people and how amazing that a Baby Jesus has been born and has come to save us all because he loves us so much! (Click HERE to listen to many of the songs the choir performed this year.)

At the Zone Conference (Party)

I LOVE MY WARD!! They are awesome! A sister in the ward got me a body pillow! OH MY! So happy! So that makes TWO body pillows for me! I sleep on a cloud pretty much!

So also, my zone is amazing! We only have one zone leader right now because the other one went home last week...So sad :( But we went caroling together all over the zone! So much fun! Then we ended at President and Sister Orgill's (Mission President, a lot like President Schmidtlein but not so teary...). They had us come in and we sang some more and had pie and ice cream. They had us over until's when we are supposed to be home by...hahahaah! Got to love President!

Well, we also had our Christmas Conference (Party). Our zone had a skit: so freaking funny! I will have to send that to you! Santa Came too, hahaahahahahahahah! He scared me! I almost had a heart attack....What happened was I went to the back of the stage to get my bag of stuff from the skit and there he was hiding behind the curtain...Almost died!

the Santa that almost gave Violette a heart attack

Well you know how I love Hallmark movies but not as a missionary....But something happened this week where I was watching one! So, we have been trying to got into this less active's house sense day one of this transfer (so like 4 weeks) as well as the Sisters before us....We got in... they were watching a Hallmark movie and said, "Come watch with us." We of course say no its okay we just wanted to stop by to get to know you and leave you with w quick message..."NO! You will sit for 10 mins and watch this movies like a normal person and drink hot chocolate, then get to know us, then Share a message with us...Do you ever just take time to be normal? Just sit down." We sat down and watched part of a movie for 7 mins, ha!! I got her talking....I learned one thing: I'm not normal...Good to know.

Well I love you all so much!! Hope you have a Merry Christmas!!! And A Happy New Year!!!