Sunday, January 5, 2014

This Week Is Christmas!! (12/23/13)

I love Christmas so much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It is awesome! Why? Because, what is the reason for the season....JESUS!!! He is Awesome!!! Because of him I can be clean from all of my sins and live with my Heavenly Father again one day!

I love Choir! Why? Because, it has helped me grow an even deeper love and knowledge for my Savior Jesus the Christ. I can't explain it in words but I just Love My Savoir oh so much! When I sing in the choir my testimony glows of the truthfulness of the words I sing. Angels We Have Heard On High has become my favorite to sing with my companion. I know that because I'm singing it all the time! If you think of the words, its Shepherds talking to the towns people and how amazing that a Baby Jesus has been born and has come to save us all because he loves us so much! (Click HERE to listen to many of the songs the choir performed this year.)

At the Zone Conference (Party)

I LOVE MY WARD!! They are awesome! A sister in the ward got me a body pillow! OH MY! So happy! So that makes TWO body pillows for me! I sleep on a cloud pretty much!

So also, my zone is amazing! We only have one zone leader right now because the other one went home last week...So sad :( But we went caroling together all over the zone! So much fun! Then we ended at President and Sister Orgill's (Mission President, a lot like President Schmidtlein but not so teary...). They had us come in and we sang some more and had pie and ice cream. They had us over until's when we are supposed to be home by...hahahaah! Got to love President!

Well, we also had our Christmas Conference (Party). Our zone had a skit: so freaking funny! I will have to send that to you! Santa Came too, hahaahahahahahahah! He scared me! I almost had a heart attack....What happened was I went to the back of the stage to get my bag of stuff from the skit and there he was hiding behind the curtain...Almost died!

the Santa that almost gave Violette a heart attack

Well you know how I love Hallmark movies but not as a missionary....But something happened this week where I was watching one! So, we have been trying to got into this less active's house sense day one of this transfer (so like 4 weeks) as well as the Sisters before us....We got in... they were watching a Hallmark movie and said, "Come watch with us." We of course say no its okay we just wanted to stop by to get to know you and leave you with w quick message..."NO! You will sit for 10 mins and watch this movies like a normal person and drink hot chocolate, then get to know us, then Share a message with us...Do you ever just take time to be normal? Just sit down." We sat down and watched part of a movie for 7 mins, ha!! I got her talking....I learned one thing: I'm not normal...Good to know.

Well I love you all so much!! Hope you have a Merry Christmas!!! And A Happy New Year!!!