Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Keeping The First Name In the Name tag!! (1/6/14)

For my mission I have had this motto about remembering my first name. I finally have a catch phrase: "Keep your First Name in the Name Tag!" I love that! And I'm so excited that now I have a simple way to say it :) That brings me so much joy!

20 days until my BIRTHDAY!!!!!! What!? So exciting!!!! I will no longer be a teenager, weird!!!!!!!!!

Being the third wheel this week was so much fun! I got to hang out with Sister Anderson and Burgett for most of it. I'm in a companionship with them right now because I dropped my Companion off at the airport today!!! So weird, she is going home and will complete her mission as a service missionary! So cool! LOVE THAT Girl!!!! I get my new comp Tuesday night at transfers meeting!

So right now I have my own car and apartment.... it's so weird, I feel lost in some ways...but it's only for 30 hours so it's not that bad. All is well!

We got to spend the night at mission presidents house last night. That was awesome!!!! It was like being with Mom and Dad for a night... they just have so much love in their hearts!

This past week was New Years so that meant be in by 7...so our zone had a zone activity at 7! We played this game that Sister Anderson calls Feed The Magical Dragon. It's pretty much bean bag toss with two holes across from each other with teams...Elder Belnap got us hooked! We got crazy with that game!! Then we played Werewolf! Mafia to the max!!! Lots of contention; but we all loved each other!!

So sad day: Mark and Alexis are moving! Alexis investigator and mark the member!! They are my favorites! I LOVE them so much!

Also a shout out to Brain! Have a great week! Keep up the great work as a ward missionary!

LOVE Sister Violette Carlson!!!!!