Sunday, January 5, 2014

The Week of Christmas! (12/30/13)

Well last week after emailing we got to go to Deseret Books...outside the mission...yeah...we got permission, don't worry!

I Skyped with me family on Christmas Eve; it just worked out better that way! It was a party! Then after that (we were at Bishop Yost's house) we had ginger bread wars!! We won, of course...AWESOMEnesss!!! Kicked some butt! That's right Elders! You lose! (Not like I wanted to win super badly or anything!)

Christmas Day!!!
7:00 Sister Anderson and Burgett show up with our planned breakfast: McDonald's! Best breakfast EVER!!!!
Then we partied for a time before sending them off to their breakfast with a member.

11:00 Brunch with the Izu's: crepes and harsh browns...YUM!!!!

12:30 Go to Sister Smith's after being lost for like 20 mins. She had us come with her to visit some people that live near her and give gifts with her!

1:30 At the Jenkins home the Elders were there too. I'm the only one that had Skyped already! So they Skyped while I hung out with the Jenkins family. MAN, I love this family, they are so awesome! Sister Jenkins is the one who gave me the body pillow!

4:00 Off to the Kimball's where we ate sloppy Joes. Not your traditional Christmas dinner, but thank goodness!! I must have gained too much weight to even say in an email this past week!

5:30 The Orgills! We played games and ate; I love our Mom and Dad of the mission! They are the best!!!

7:30 Zone Activity! We played the game they play in Harry Potter (Quidditch) on brooms and dustpans that are on a stick!!! Funnest game of my life...and not too many injuries...

9:00 go home....9:45...I was out cold!!!!

Oh, and this up coming week I get to be a third wheel! So exciting! My companion will be in the mission office from 9am to 5pm helping Pres. Lutz (one of the counselors in the mission presidency) with something so I will have to be the third wheel with a different companionship for a week!! Oh, and transfers will be coming up next Tuesday! We will both probably stay...but who knows, we could get a third companion!

LOVE Sister Violette Carlson!!!!