Tuesday, July 29, 2014

This Week Has Flown By! (7/21/14)

Busy Busy Busy!! I had no time to think this week, just running from appointment to appointment!! Forget lunch a few days this week!! Sister Jennings and I have been spending 100% of our time in YSA getting to know lots of people! We're texting like crazy! I never texted like this before my mission! WHAT!! CRAZY!! But I love it when its like that! We started teaching a guy named Zak. He is pretty cool and during the lesson I got to use the Dr. Seuss book Green Eggs and Ham!! hahahahaha He said I don't think I will read The Book of Mormon every day so we asked him why. His reply was, "I don't know if its holy scripture."
So I said, "Have you ever read Dr. Seuss's book Green Eggs and Ham?"
"Do you know what happens in it?"
"No, I haven't read it in a long time..."
I said to him, "a man named Sam will not try the green eggs and ham and says he doesn't like it but in the end Sam does try the green eggs and ham and likes them!" So Zak said he will try to read The Book of Mormon! YES!!! He has lots of questions but tries not to seem too interested. You know, he has to keep up is image! Were not 100% sure why he wants to meet with us but we shall find out this week!

So, I'm sure your thinking, "What happened to Sister Jibas!?" She was working on Marshallese work all week with another sister. This other Sister's mother had just passed away and was having trouble so the mission president thought it would be good for her to come up here and work with her people. They have started teaching one new person this week and got a referral from a member!! So cool! Hopefully the Marshallese group will soon be a branch! That has to be approved by the First Presidency! That's cool too!

I finally finished The Book of Mormon last week and now I have started the New Testament! I love it! Cover to cover it is awesome; you get the whole story line and things just make more sense. And I know the Book of Mormon is the word of God! How do I know that? I prayed about it...I asked GOD! That's what it is about: asking Heavenly Father and getting your answer and then acting on it!

...YSA (Young Single Adult) wards!!! Party on, they are crazy! This week we are getting ALL the info for all the party's for YSAs!! Non-members are like, "What, you can come to this?" and we say yes we can! We talk to them about what ever! The goal if this is that we are trying to let people know we're normal young adults just like them...we just talk about Jesus all day! No big deal!

Mom don't freak out....so a while back we had this FedEx truck in our apartment complex at like 8:45 at night...like two or three times a week...while serving in Marina Hills. Super Creepy! They shouldn't be delivering things that late...right? Well, now I make sure to spot all FedEx trucks and let everyone in the car know that one is around us. So Sister Jennings one day was making fun of me...and said, "Well FedEx is the devil and Hello Kitty is a gangster!"...Hahahaahah I think that's funny and so should you!

Cool Miracle this week! It's 9 at night we go to open our apartment door. Of course it is locked like every other night so Sister Jennings pulls out the key and tried to unlock the door, but the key is bent! So sister Jennings tried fixing it and putting it back in but no luck. Well, we're just stuck out there so I gave it a try and before I even think about it I'm saying a prayer that the key will bend back...and as I press it against the wall it bends back into place perfectly! We open the door and all is well! Heavenly father does love us!!

Well I love you all! Hope you enjoy your Christmas in July this week!

LOVE, Sister Violette Carlson