Thursday, July 10, 2014

Life Is Crazy! (6/30/14)

So, I shall begin in a place not too far from here; a place the call The Lake Building. This building holds the mission office! Transfer meetings are held here...or as I like to call them, the REAPING!! So freaking true!! Ahahaha. I was able to get most of my things to the Lake Building but I would have to go get ALL of my pillows from the apartment later that week while my comp was at choir! So, sitting at the reaping, Sister Jennings and I wanted to be companions so badly!! Like, reeeaaaaallll bad. We came from the MTC together and have been waiting for this day to come! We prayed really hard and made cookies for the president so that he would get his reward when we would become comps! We decided that we would sit on opposite sides of the chapel so that we could run to each other! I was also worried that I would be put into the YSA ward in Newport, because lets get real...I'm AWKWEIRD around people my age!!! Man it is rough! So Pres. calls out, "Newport YSA Marshallese branch" and says that Sister Jibas is serving there "and her new companions are Sister Jennings................."(and I swear the time it took him to say the next name was AT LEAST a lifetime) "......and Sister Carlson!!" I screamed I was so happy!! Sister Jennings and I ran so fast at each other that Sister Jennings name tag flew off and hit a poor sister in the face! Damage done: mild! It was so much fun! Then off to hug sister Jibas.. Then to show everyone how we got Pres to let us be together we run up and put cookies up by the podium. Everyone was laughing at us because this is so freaking funny. Who wouldn't think this was funny!? We are the funniest sisters out here!!

Well I'm out of time but until next time...

LOVE, Sister Violette Carlson