Thursday, July 10, 2014

I Have A Live - A Missionary Life! (4/28/14)

Okay, okay, okay! So lets talk about my week:
Pretty much the best week!!! I have been off dairy for about two weeks now...but members love to try and give it to me for dinner...silly them!....I have also been running so much more in the morning! But good news, my stomach didn't have any problems last week!!! I have come so far!!!! It turns out that the Doctor over the missions suggested that I go home to get better then come back but after talking with my mission President....President Orgill talked Salt Lake down from sending me home....WHAT!!!! My Mission President is cooler than yours!!!! Because the mission doctor had suggested that I go home and it pretty much happens when she say that. Salt Lake is what we say to refer to head quarters...the scary guys! And my mission President talked them down! He Is So Cool!!!

Have I ever told you that I love exchanges!?! That's when missionaries switch companions for 24 hours! I love them so freaking much!! You just learn so much!!! Well, I got to go on one this week with Sister Andersen... and yes, this is the same Sister Andersen that was in the MTC with me! SO exciting, and it was so much fun!!! We talked to a guy named Wes and he wants to meet again!!! That's so exciting!!!
I also got to go on exchanges with her again on Sunday and Ed came to church!!! I was teaching him while I was in that ward!!! And he came in a Suit! Oh Ed ,I hope you get baptized! He is so cool; he loves action packed scriptures!

SO Elder Neil L Andersen came to our mission! So awesome! He pretty much said we are all going to die one day so embrace it now, its part of life! It made me think about a Mormon message (link here) a different Apostle shared about when he was in an air plane and the wing cough on fire, and when it was spiraling down to earth. He was at peace but there was a woman freaking out. This Apostle said she was not ready to meet her maker...are you? Am I? I have know idea! Its good perspective to think about...

He also talked about how we need to know our scriptures more!  We need to bring perhaps greater faith, then one day Baptism...Pretty much saying keep working with people!!! He also said something cool "You have been who you are for a very long time, its part of Eternal life." "When you testify you must be 100% honest!"

We had a zone training meeting... they said "Modest it Hottest....but you're you cant be hottest.... so be modest, but not too attractive..." Ya, it really got me pumped up!!!

I love my life its so AWESOME!!!!!!! I DONT WANT THIS TO EVER END!!!

Oh my I almost for got to tell you!!! I love the rule NO DATING!!!!!! Hahahahahahahahahahah, it makes telling guys no so much easier...."Sorr,y I'm a missionary and I have a companion that I have to have with me 24/7." So we talked to these guys and they were wanting to know more...about us.... but they didn't seen to act flirty at all (or I just don't pick up on those kind of things, it happens) but they ended up texting that night and asking for Sister Carlson! Oh boy....they wanted to learn more about our "faith" over lunch...not cool....they totally wanted to go on a date! That is awkward!!!

LOVE Sister Violette Carlson!!!