Thursday, July 10, 2014

Life Is Crazy When You're Me! (5/19/14)

Let's get you up to date, starting with Jim: he got baptized this week!!

It's pretty cool! He is the sweetest smart-mouthed 77 year old man I have ever met! I met him Tuesday may 6th (That's Davids Birthday!!! My Brother!!!)! He is the husband of Sister Tapp and she got baptized in November! Her daughter-in-law said on Sunday in her testimony that Jim wanted to be baptized so we went over there as soon as possible! And then taught him every day!!! Jim has cancer of the face, throat, and now in his lungs so he cant do much or get out much but he has been to church 3 times over the last 8 months before his health got to bad. He is the funniest guy; he has no teeth and can barely talk but he is still trying to crack jokes! He loves to play Scrabble so that's what we will be playing tonight before we teach him his lesson! So much fun! He got baptized May 15 at 7:30. He even showed up an hour early so that he wouldn't miss it! He was so frail that the Elders had to get in the font and help him in and out!

In other news: my health. I'm doing great! Dairy was the culprit! As long as I don't have dairy, I'm good! Well, along with tomatoes! But I'm in flying action!!! I love being here where I get to learn about food and what I can do with it! Like, my new favorite thing is taking Avocados, spinach, vanilla, and agave. You mix it up in the blender for a vita mix! Love those things!

I have recently decided that I'm going to change the world!! Just making some small goals for when I get home! I don't know how yet, but I have big plans!

So lets talk about Transfer calls! What!? Crazy! We get the call Saturday night that were leaving... both of us! What!? I left the room to go take a shower because I couldn't deal with that! Normally that means you were not doing a very good job in your area and that's just not good; it's called being white washed out! So I cant sleep! I packed everything I could! Yes, I was up until 1 then laid in bed until 3 before finally falling asleep! Sunday was rough but I had my Diet Coke to help me make it through (its a new thing, drinking Diet coke, because that's what members have. I drink it but I still prefer straight Coke)! So, while I was laying in bed I couldn't help but think of things I could tell president to let us stay...our numbers are good, the ward is amazing....what could be the reason? ....I couldn't think of anything so I thought of some thing real good! and in the morning I texted the President... "I know you're a busy man so I will keep this short...Sister Orgill tells us that when we save the loved ones of others, we have the right to petition the heavens for the rights of out loved ones...and the loved ones I petition for are the Marina Hills Ward. Can just one of us stay? We were told that there would be no Sisters replacing us," (thats what really hurt me), "What can I do to have one of us stay? I will go where ever you want me to go." And we got a text back saying, "Sisters, sometimes things just happen that we can't control." So we went to church and cried our eyes out! I had a member tell me that his son is a great guy and I should look him up when I move back to Provo (I didn't know I lived there before....Awkard, yes!). Then when we got a call during church so we called it back later. It was the AP's telling us that we would not be leaving the area but both of us would be staying!!!!! What!? I packed for nothing! Whatever. I'm staying!!! That's all that maters, but it was so awkward when the member that told me to look up his son saw me on Sunday and realized I hadn't left....oh yeah!

As far as Mothers Day goes it was awesome!!! I got to skype my family had a dance party with them as well. Who wouldn't love that!?! It was really fun seeing them all! They grow up so fast, you know!! I love my family and I'm so lucky to have them!!!

Quote of the week! While talking in the car at the end of the night, randomly Sister Hedrick says, "If I had facial hair, do you think it would be red?" Both of us: "Hahahahahahaha!"

LOVE, Sister Violette Carlson!