Thursday, July 10, 2014

I Could Just Spit! (7/7/14)

What a Marshallese party! It was so much fun: lots of singing and a little dancing! We Sisters got to dance for everyone. Were there Elders there? Yes. Was it awkward? Yes! Was it good that we danced? ...yes. It was the first time Sister Jennings and I met everyone in that home so they got to see that we were white girls (we are so white!!) and that we could have fun!! Oh yeah!

Sister Jennings' birthday was the 1st of July so we partied like it was 1999! #partyon  We had cake and we went to panda express for lunch! Oh yeah!!! I love birthdays! Even on the mission you can have fun, do what you want....within the white hand book guide lines!
4th of July party!! It was awesome!!! Irvine Mission is the best!! We watched The Son of God that night and it was so cool and we were able to just sit and watch a movie and enjoy ourselves. It was so nice!
Well I have a testimony of the Plan of Salvation. Why? Because I just do. My life has helped me know that it is so true. Jim passed away Thursday (I taught him and he got baptized 8 weeks ago). All is well and he is in a better place now, teaching people about what he knows to be true! I will always be thankful for Jim and what a miracle he was for me in my life, and all that he has done for me! Just being so willing and honest with us as we taught him, and how much he helped my grow so I that I could deal with life and it's great challenges! I wish more people I meet could be like Jim!
YSA ward. It makes you want to get married soon... Why? So you don't end up like them....WHAT!!! Ahahahhaha. Sometimes we will be sitting in Church and there are people that are 28 and not married and have to go to mid-singles and they just are searching for a husband or wife and it is just crazy. And having to be in a singles ward for so long would just be wonder why the Prophet and Apostles are talking about getting married at a young age rather than waiting until your 28 ...because YSA wards are just awkward! Sometimes I just cant deal with it! You need to heed the words of  the Prophets!!!
A cool thing happened last night! We were driving to go visit someone and we saw a guy at the bus stop so we parked the car and went to take to him. He was on the phone but after he saw that we wanted to talk to him about the Book of Mormon he got off the phone and talk with us. He is leaving the state but said he wanted to read and learn we gave him a Book of Mormon and right there he started reading it! I love it when The Spirit tells us to do things and when people want to learn more! Then we get back to the car and Sister Jennings says, "Change of plans. We need to go see Jennifer." So we went and she was home and it ended up being the perfect timing. We were able to talk with her and get to know her so we could become friend so that she knows us. Now she knows us and hopefully she will start coming to church more regularly!
Well, I love you!!!
Be Good. Stay classy and be honest!

LOVE, Sister Violette Carlson!