Thursday, July 10, 2014

Hit the Top of the Hill!!! (4/14/14)

So this week I hit my nine month mark! Crazy now it is a short fall to the bottom!!! It is already going by so fast, I cant even deal with it! And they say it will go by faster!!! Ahahahah. So in honor of 9 month mark we took some pictures; I hope you enjoy them!

Okay people you have a job this week!!! Go to online and one of the first things you will see is a video is "Becasue of Him" it is an amazing, amazing video you got to watch!!!

Also, as a missionary, I have gotten weird!!! We knocked on a door of our members home (she was going to be giving me a hair cut) and she ended up not being home...but her husband open the door shirt-less....awkward....!! Me, I turned away from him and wouldn't even look at him. Freak, I acted like I have never seen that before... I made it so awkward!!!! Needless to say it didn't bother him at all! No awkwadness to it for him!! Hahaha. I'm so weird!

General conference was a knock out!!! Super cool!!! The main theme I got from it was "Where is your focus?...well it should be Jesus Christ!" So I was on and I watch the new youth theme was good and not even that cheesy!! Go team!!! Normally I struggle to like them, but this one is so good! You should to totally check it out!!! "Come Unto Christ:"

Sister Carlson is now off dairy so that makes it fun trying to find food that I want to eat. This week a member fed me ground turkey with grated cauliflower and zucchini on sour dough bread!!! yummmmmmmm!!! So good! I love food!

Also, cool thing: Elder Neil L Andersen is coming to talk top us on the 19!!! Great day!!! Have to look good!

LOVE, Sister Violette Carlson