Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Puking Chicken Is Not Cool (4/7/14)

This week our apartment was attacked with the flu!!! Sister Burningham (my roommate) and I didn't get sick until Friday nigh, while Sister Hurst and Hedrick (my comp) were just getting done being sick that day...but we still had to have dinner with a member that night because the last time we had them we had to cancel from some reason! So we went thinking it would be a nice easy meal on our stomach since she normally makes us her chicken noodle soup....nope, not tonight! She ordered out KFC! It was a hard dinner to eat and as I write this I'm getting sick again thinking about it.... I puked that chicken up as soon as we got home! Never in my life am I eating KFC again....ever!

With Sis Burningham on Friday

Sis Hurst and Sis Hedrick on Tuesday

This week I cleaned a lot and got rid of a bunch of junk that I have! My goal is to only have my 2 suitcases when I get transferred next. Oh, and all of my pillows, I cant part with those! I have 6!!! 3 of them might be body pillows... :)

Two words: General. Conference.
Amazing!!! I really feel like all of it was so stinkin' good! Parts that stuck out to me were, "Where is your focus? It should be Christ!" and reading the scriptures and praying everyday! Along with weekly family home evening, and testifying monthly to your children! It is so important that you do these things! Also, you need to grow your faith NOW!!! So that later you will have the faith to get through trials!

LOVE, Sister Violette Carlson!!