Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Well, I Just Love This Life! (3/17/14)

Monday: it was the first day of the week and it was long; we didn't get in until 10:45. So we get a phone call at about 9:15 when we're almost home It's been a long day, got lots of things done, and we're ready for bed. The call is from our ward mission leader. One of the Elders' investigators is Freaking Out (it's a women so they cant go over without a man there) so we were asked to go over and see how we could help. She was thinking about no longer going through with being baptized! We were there for some time, just chatting and helping her with some questions, but we got her all calmed down and she was doing well! So then we drive home but there no parking and we had to drive 20 billion miles away to find a place to park (about a quarter mile, but really if feels like 20 billion when you are half asleep)! It was a great night because we helped someone who was freaking out! And now she is baptized!!! It happened last night at 7! It was so awesome seeing someone go into the waters of baptism... that's why we're here, right?

On Saturday I was able to go back to my ward in Irvine and see someone I taught get baptized!! It has been a good weekend!!!!!! Getting to see the Lord's hand in not just my life but the lives of others as well!! I am truly blessed!

Also, this week has been filled with some intense teaching! Spirit filled and super powerful; like 15X the average lesson! Then a invitation to be baptized with an "I need to get a answer first"!!!! I was on exchanges with my STL at that time, so it was nice having my leader see that I can teach well :) always a plus!!!

Well, I just love life!!! It cant get better that this!!! You know, serving the Lord and teaching the people! And having a great time!!! What could be better? I don't know! I love the Gospel of Jesus Christ and all it has given me as I have stood by it and kept true to it!

Love, Sister Violette Carlson!!!
This week pray that I can learn a lot!!!