Wednesday, April 30, 2014

I'm So Grateful (3/21/14)

I an so grateful to have the Gospel of Jesus Christ in my life! The best part about it is that I get to share it with others!

My week has been filled with teaching people!! I love that! And I love sharing the story about how Jesus came back and brought back His Church for us on the earth! Because he love us!!

So this week was a party... I stood on a street corner for an hour... because God told me to. We did and we were able to teach someone!! So cool!!! They didn't want to meet with us again but took a Book of Mormon and was excited to read it! I love following the Spirit to guide me to teach people!

There was also a fun day of walking in the rain...(yes it rains here, prayers are answered!) We walked to a stop near our apartment to save miles on our car and it was only misting, and on our way back we walked with a woman to her home. We didn't teach her but you could tell we were supposed to talk to her. God need us to talk to her so she would know that she is loved; God answers prayers with other people! I'm so glad I was able to do that. So we walk like a mile up hill past our apartment while talking to this lady and on our way back it stares down pouring! By the time we got home we were soaking wet. I love my life as a missionary!!

Also, EARTHQUAKE!!!! I felt it shake our apartment! Way cool.

Love Sister Violette Carlson!!!!