Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Weeks Go By! (3/24/13)

Holy week 6!!!!! This transfer has been going by so fast! It makes me kind of sad that I have such a short time left! So this week I have been thinking about how much I love being a farm girl! I don't know why, but it has come up this week several times and just love it! I milked a cow (that is cool)!! I bailed hay (that's not as cool, but up there as well)!! Oh, and horse back ridding- that's awesome!!! I just LOVE being a farm girl!

This week was what I would call a great week! It started after emailing! Off to a zone activity where we did skits! Ahahahaahah, so funny! Thank goodness for me bringing my cheetah footy PJ'S!!! Hahahaha, I cant believe I wore those in front of all those people!! But then Monday night we went over to a family and did their FHE for them!!! It was awesome! All we did was share the new Mormon Message about bullying...Stop it! Then the family just started taking about how things really are and how they could help stop them. It was awesome!! The Spirit was there so strong! I love moments like that.

Lots of fun and really spiritual things happened this week, like a killer Book of Mormon Lesson, but my favorite thing this week was when I was sitting in church and a less active person that hasn't come to church in forever came in! I was just think how happy God was!! He and His angels are just having a party that this person came to Church; that he put forth the effort. God is so happy when you do small things like that! The small and simple things are the things God wants us to be doing! So every time you read your scriptures or say your prayers, it's a party in Heaven! And God is so proud of you when you do the things that he has asked you to do! So every time you do right, just think that God so proud of you!!

Love, Sister Violette Carlson!!
Give someone a complement this week in a new way :) Make it fun!! Pray for me to be able to say what the Lord would have me say, not to much or to little!