Thursday, July 10, 2014

I Cleaned a Toilet (5/5/14)

I FREAKING LOVE SERVICE!!! I got to where jeans so much!!! Hahahaha, yes!! All day Thursday and Saturday, and Wednesday night! Jeans just make me feel so good because my butt comes back; otherwise I would have know idea if I had one! So, thank you for service!! It all started Wednesday: We decided to stop by the Ward mission leaders house. His wife was home so we ended talking to her about her neighbors who she said she just wanted to get them to meet us, just to be friends, so she could see that missionaries are alright (I thought about saying "not weird," but lets be real, we are so weird!). So we leave and get a phone call from that member saying her neighbors need help! We were able to do service for them AND we let them know how normal we are! AWESOME! Then the next morning we were able to do more service and Sister Hedrick and I got to clean a toilet together! It was awesome!

Quote of the week! "Okay lets slap each other with the spirit!" -Brother McBride

Also, that lovely day has come and gone this year. The day of April 25, when it's not too hot and its not too cold, all you need is a light jacket! Thought I would remind all of you!!!

So what did I do this week? Service!!! 22 hours of it! Holla!!! It was so much fun and because of it we should be able to start teaching a new family soon! We started off by folding shirts last week and helping them with a garage sale, then went to a party at a member's house last night! It was so much fun! Sister Hedrick is a violinist so she played for about an hour; then we had some dessert and socialized! It was so much fun! One of our other investigators, Kelley, came as well and she had a really nice time. She liked getting to know some of the people that were there! It was a really great way to end a Sunday night!

....Friday night was the TACO Challenge!!! I ate 13, however the two elders that beat me ate 20....gross! This event was held at the McBride's home in our ward..... it was awesome!!! Never in my life have I felt the desire to eat so much food. It was a party!

So I have been thinking a lot about what Elder Neil L Andersen said while he was here about how we need to know the scriptures more...So I started re-reading the Book of Mormon again for the 7999089896th time on my mission, and man it is an awesome read! I love it! It has got to be my favorite book! I want to be able to read it every 2 months for the rest of my mission (I like a challenge)! Its what Neil L. Andersen did while he was a Mission President with all of his missionaries!

A crazy thing is happening this week: my trainer (one of them) is going home! It's so weird to think that she will be home on Friday. She put up with me for the first 6 weeks of my life here in the mission field. Those were fun days! I was way crazy back then: I  did what I wanted how I wanted it and tried my best to please my trainers! Those days were good!

Well Family, Friends, and People that Stalk me,  I hope you all have a great week!!!

Stay Sassy!!!!
LOVE, Sister Violette Carlson