Tuesday, July 29, 2014

There Is Not Enough Coke In The World (7/14/14)

Flirt to convert

This week has been great!!! How I love the work hear in Newport! Sister Jibas is so freaking funny, she has started to pick up on little words that Sister Jennings and I say…For instance on Tuesday we ate at Carls Jr for lunch and Sister Jibas, being super tiny, looks at her burger she ordered having no idea that it would be so HUGE! She looks at it like, "How in the world will I be able to eat this?"…Sister Jennings tells her to just unhinge her jaw and she should be able to eat it. So Sister Jibas says "AMERICA!" then takes a bite out of her sandwich. Ahaha…Sister Jennings and I look at each other and laugh, we have done well!

Well, I don’t know if you know, but Thursday was my one year mark… holy crap it’s been that long! It feels like just yesterday I was telling my mom I was planning on going on a mission! Time really does fly by when your have as much fun as I am! BTW, Sister Jennings and I were in the MTC together, so what did we do to celebrate? We had so much fun at the Nashville Tribute Band (a band that missionaries and Mormons listen to! They came for a night in the park with music it was a great opportunity to invite friends and get people we are teaching to meet and see more Mormons in LIVE-ACTION!) concert!!! It didn't get done until 10:30. How does our mission pres feel about that?...he is total okay about it because we were getting people out and mixing and learning more, and that's part of the hastening of the work. It was so much fun! They played Crack That Whip off of their trek CD so Sister Jennings and I decided to dance out in front of everyone for fun. We did a Doe-C-Doe... it was a crowd pleaser!!! Hahaha, I love my mission!

Did you all know that you can go on Facebook and find my mission? The California Irvine mission, or something like that. They have videos and pictures out the wazoo! Hope you can find it and enjoy it as much as all the other people do! Some moms and family members go crazy and comment on everything! It’s the best! So funny! How do I know this? Do I get on Facebook?…no, but I'm good friends with the assistants and they let me see it!

Tuesday nights we have splits for YSA! They are awesome. I went with a girl named Megan; she is leaving for her mission in about a month…yes, that is cool! We were able to stop by a ton of people to try and teach and…NO LUCK! What!? But we were able to help each other out with stuff that we were dealing with, like how awful her day was and questions she had about her mission, and then I got to tell her how I wanted to punch an Elder in the face because he was being a jerk to my companion. In the end we both benefited from splits. We were not able to teach anyone that night but we were able to lift each other up and just feel the Spirit. I know that it was there and I felt God's love. Sometimes things don’t work out as they were planned but they work out how God has planned!

LOVE Sister Violette Carlson!!!