Sunday, September 28, 2014

Week of Miracles (9/2/14)

What!!! I can't believe things turned out the way they were that night! Sister Jennings and I had set aside time to go visit people, but a less active member said that she wanted to feed us dinner that 7:30 (if you can, PLEASE feed the missionaries at 5!). So we stopped by her work to see if she still wanted to take us to dinner but she wasn't there. Weird, we thought, so we went to her house. She wasn't there. We called her, texted her, we sat at her house waiting for her. While we waited we read the New Testament because we are reading it together as a mission and we had to catch up. While we waited there, Eli Showed up; he is the brother of this less-active that we're working with. He is not going to church at all but he let us share a scripture with him then said he would come to church on Sunday. He didn't...but that's okay, all in God's timing. But hey, cool thing, he told his sister that he thinks that we're cool and not the typical Sister missionaries- that we are funny and joke! So cool! That's what I have been trying to do my whole mission! Be a missionary but not coming off like a weird-o!! Go Team!!! So, as we get there this less-active shows up (we'll call her PL). We talked with her some then had to go to dinner. This dinner was with another less active member (I'll call her JC). So we took PL with us to dinner at JC's and the last time we talked with JC she was struggling with lots of things but when we walked into the door something was different about the feeling there. JC seemed happier! She told us that she had been doing good for a week and that she had been reading her scriptures and if she didn't read them she found herself hungering for them. So cool! She just decided to change her life!! The Atonement is the real deal!

Also an awesome quote of the week from Nica, a member in our ward, "People here spend money they don't have on things they don't need to impress people they don't like!" Hahhahahahaha So funny!

Okay I love being in a YSA ward. Why? Because it is so much fun!! And you make yesterday Sister Jennings and I went shopping with a few of the members in the YSA ward! How cool is that? P-Day shopping is the best!!

One of these people we went shopping with is named Lauren. We helped her clean her back yard last week and then she took us out to lunch at Coco's. What I learned there was So important! Pumpkin Pie Season Stars in Two Weeks!! #yum!

We went to the temple this last week and afterwards we always take pictures. Sister Jennings has fallen in love with family photos so we got the Elders to take a very awkward one!! Go GO Power Rangers!!! It was a great day!!!

Sister Jennings and I have been sick with a bad headache and sore throats and a fun cough for about 4 weeks now! We have no idea what is going on, but we get to got to the doctor tomorrow! WOW! We have really enjoyed this time being tired and thinking that its just because were old missionaries, and thinking, "How can we go on!?" hahaha Good times!!

Hey, I love you all!!

LOVE Sister Violette Carlson