Sunday, September 28, 2014

Goodbye to Jennings! ...and YSA...Newport (9/15/13)

Well I would just like to start with a story about my dear sweet companion! Probably reason 5000 why she is FREAKING AWESOME!

Last week we decides that we would use our 6 dollars and 50 cents that we got from recycling and get our car washed! Go team! So we get our car washed and vacuumed out real nice and then we went to pick up our mail from the park where everyone in the zone went for a zone activity...Jennings and I are the less-actives of the zone...we don't like too much social interaction on P-days... So as we are walking to the car to leave, the truck-driving elders show up with our Distract Leader, Elder Bufton. We were so excited about our nice clean car that we hod told everyone about Elder Bufton put his fat foot on our car! We don't put up with that crap!!! After our gasp of horror, Jennings spit on their truck!! YES, she is that cool!! I was in utter shock. Man, I had only thought of doing that, but she had just spit on their truck! I was struggling to make it to the car because I was laughing so hard, and Sister Jennings kept yelling, "GET IN THE CAR, CARLSON!!! GET IN THE CAR!!!" HAAHAH good times!!!

Also this week Jennings and I were walking down the hall in the Stake Center to go to the bathroom and for dramatic effect I hid behind a pillar with my hand like a gun, then Jennings opens a door and kicks it in! haahah It looked legit! Well, in the process of that she pretty much hurt her second toe on her foot and by the end of the week half of her foot is purple!! Hahaha, I'm going to miss this girl!!

So, we got transfer calls Saturday night! I will be transferred. It's weird, I only have a short time left so I thought I would spend the rest of my time here in Newport YSA ward, but I guess God needs me some where else! Cool beans!

We taught a man named Shawn...creepy man...he asked Jennings and I to bring back poloygamy right there in the Target...Awkward.... We said we were lie, but I don't feel bad at all for saying it! Jennings had to say..."I can't tell if he is being funny or a legit perv."

Also Quote of the week! "I'm not impatient, I'm a go-getter"

And a Miracle of the Week! The elders picked up an investigator because we asked a member to pass out a Book of Mormon!!! GO TEAM JESUS!!!!!!!

Well I love you!!!

Stay Classy, Sassy, and a little Smart!

Sister Violette Carlson