Sunday, September 28, 2014

Did Someone Say Week 6? (9/8/14)

Week 6 of the transfer!!! What!!! Only TWO more transfers after this week! hahaahaha, Crazy! Life is too short!!

What a week! So much fun!! I Love My YSA Ward!! As a ward activity we had a Senior Bingo Night...where everyone dressed up like they were 50 years older than they really are! Sister Jennings and I put on Blue eye shadow and red lipstick along with our clothes that we wore to make us look older! It was a blast!! The elder's investigator was there and he had a great time! The ward just loves him and fellowships the crap out of him! GO TEAM YSA!!!

Also, score for Sister Jennings and I! We got to wash 2 cars this week in the same day and then more service after that where we got a new bookshelf to put in our bathroom because it is so small. So we took the little bit bare book shelf out and now we have room when we go to the bathroom! Heavenly Father LOVES US!!! YEAH!! We also will be getting a couch and a love seat because of the service we did!! Oh yeah!! Service pays!!! GO, GO, POWER RANGERS!!!!

I have to report that last Monday I bought two stretch pencil skits and I am The Happiest Girl in the world!! I love those skirts so much!! They make me so happy! Just wanted to make you all aware that I have found happiness in my clothes again. GO TEAM!

Now, just to show how much God loves me and Sister Jennings, each Saturday we now get to take care of puppy's and walk them while people come and look at adopting them! Sister Jennings and I both LOVE Puppies! Hahaha, So cool!

Well its been real! LOVE you all! Stay Classy and Sassy and a little smart! Love you!

LOVE Sister Violette Carlson!!