Monday, September 29, 2014

Time is Flying By... (9/29/14)

Time is flying by! Well, time, that's what we all want more of. I guess we don't get it now, but after this life we will have all the time in the world...

Well I'm back in a family ward; the noise on Sunday is like sweet music to my ears! Being in a YSA ward just makes you forget that sacrament meeting can be loud sometimes. I mean, YSAs have their own set of problems, but that's a topic for another day... On to how much I love family wards!! They are so much Fun!!

As far as miracles for this week...they happened!! We were able to get into 3 gated and guarded communities with out having any actual appointments! Normally you have to have them call you in, but this time we just got in! Blessings! Also, while we were out we started talking to a lady that was a member of my ward and I didn't know her, and I was on exchanges so the sister I was with didn't know her, and she gave us some root beer! It was the kind that my mom gets, that come in the glass bottles! Yummy! Such a blessing!

Well, "Drop It Like It;s Hot" is back in action! It was dropped due to the sickness that Sister Jennings and I were in, but that's over now... so go team!!! In the mornings we get to run to the temple. It's only a mile away so that is so much fun!!! And Sister Ashton doesn't eat that much so I don't each as much as I used to, so that is helping as well! Ahhh, go team!

Okay, the General Women's Broadcast was Amazing! Such a good topic, talking about the TEMPLE!!! YEAH! I love the Temple! I get to do tours each week and I get to run to it each week! It helps me remember the promises I made with my Heavenly Father! I love the temple so much!

Well I love you and hope you are doing amazingly!! Keep up the great work!
Stay Classy and Sassy and a little Smart!

LOVE Sister Violette Carlson