Monday, December 9, 2013

Service Sisters!! (12/9/13)

Service Sisters!! So, this week we got a call from Pres. Ellis, our Mission Presidency 1st counselor! He is could ask for pretty much anything and get it :) He also thinks its okay for parents to see their children while on Mom come on down!! Bring Uncle Rick with ya! :) ...back to my point...The phone call was short and to the point: "Sister Carlson you got what you wanted. You and your companion are the first Service Sisters in the mission" (I got what I wanted!) We will be blazing the trail for Service Sisters in the mission! So exciting!! It's just another way we can share the Gospel!

Funny moment!!!!
While on exchanges with Sister Anderson this week we did service for a scout thing. We were in communications and as part of that you had to teach a skill, so I gave an example (not because I wanted to but because an Elder thought it would be funny...and it was). Here is the thing, I don't really have skills one can teach. So I thouht of something... something I had learned in YW (Holy moly you do use things they teach you in YW!) How to fold a towel was the only thing I could think of! So, I show them my skill and they ask, "Can you fold other things that way?" and I said "Yes." "Like what?"..."A shirt"..."Can you show us?"..."I don't have a shirt to fold..." "I can take mine off!" (one of the boys starts taking his shirt off)..."NO! Noo, you can leave your shirt on!!" So funny, that would only happen to me!

Random thing: at transfer I saw an Elder that used to serve in my branch back home. So weird, the situation was flipped, and he had a mustach...weird. Bad choice for anyone I guess!

LOVE!! Sister Carlson!!!