Sunday, December 1, 2013

CHRISTMAS 30 DAYS!!!!!!!!!! (11/25/13)

This week I came prepared with a list of things I wanted to tell you about! Normally I forget everything I want to say as soon as I open my email!!

My boot is off!! YES!!! Do I walk normal? As normal as I do, not really!
Did I tell you the story about what happened because I fell down the stairs? Well, I don't remember so here I gooooooo: After getting my very attractive boot and made it all pretty I asked my Distract Leader to come give me a blessing. So, they came over to my apartment to give me the blessing and they were taking for freaking ever! Like, we were going to be late for dinner! Turns out we had texted them the wrong address and they went to the wrong building...What? And they knocked on what they thought was our door. It wasn't, but they found a mom who had just finish praying to have guidance in her life! She asked them back to share their message and now she and her daughter are getting baptized on December 11th!
See, missionary work isn't hard, you just have to fall down the stairs...

I freaking LOVE the Holidays!! So much Happiness, and bright colors, and Jesus!! I love that Guy, He is the reason for the season!!

I'm being transferred tomorrow!! What!? I was so sure I was staying in Dana Point until after Christmas! But I'm ready for a new adventure!

I must tell you of last Monday at zone activity: Our fearless zone leader thought it would be an amazing idea to play Nephites and Lamanites....It was so funny!!!!!! 19 year old boys = 6 year olds at heart! It was a great day!

Mission Choir: My companion is giving me voice lessons so now I sound like am 10 rather than 5! So one day I will Sing in the Choir!!!!!!! ONE DAY!!!!! Also, our choir is going to be doing a FLASH MOB!!!! Yes, you read that right, FLASH MOB!!!!! So cool!!!!!

This past week I trash picked a card board box! Yes, that is right! How I love that box! We play in it...well, Sister Oswald and I do..Sister Has is not into that kind of thing...her loss!!

Well, off I go to finish packing. Freak I have a ton of crap!!! LOVE IT!!!

BUT before I have you done missionary work this week? Why not post a Mormon Message on a social media place you have? or a quote? Just an idea!

LOVE YOU!!! SO MUCH!!!! Sister Violette Carlson!!!!

 With Sister Rubalcava!! She is AWESOME!!! And Sister Oswald (we are getting transferred)

With Sister Wegrowski!!