Monday, September 23, 2013

It's That Time Of Year Again! (9/23/13)

It's that time of year again...When Violette starts singing Christmas songs ALL the time! I'm putting up a paper Christmas tree this week! Super exciting! I'm already putting Christmas outfits on; they just scream I WANT IT TO BE CHRISTMAS ALREADY! I'm not sure if my companions like it or if its growing on them or if they just put up with it! I borrowed a Christmas CD from other companionship in our apartment but it just doesn't hit the spot, you know! I have started looking for Christmas music but no one seems to be selling it, ahhhhh!

This is my companion Sister Oswald! I LOVE HER!! It was a long day :)

Life's a party! Man, I LOVE being on a mission! I love my companions so stinking much! Some times we have slumber parties down stairs (only twice now)..but we are always in bed by 10:30. No rule breakers here!!!

So awkweird moment for Sister Carlson: I have no idea what got into me! We were at a members house and I started eating before the prayer! Ahahahaha, Good thing this member said "be yourself" when we first got there.

This week we have been teaching about the butterfly effect. What is that? It is that when a buffer fly flaps its wings it can set molecules off in the air that set others off in a motion to create a Hurricane on the other side of the planet...just as people can do this with their actions and the things that they do and say. So as I applied this to myself I thought of two sister missionaries that knocked on my mother's door in Southern California (near our mission) when she was younger and they sang to her. My mom was "Golden" they told her after she was baptized. That right there is the effect of the butterfly! Because those girls knocked on her door I am able to be in the Gospel and serve a mission 24 years later. But if you go back just a little further you would have to thank those sisters' parents, leaders, and examples that helped them go on there missions.. the little things count...thank goodness they do! LOVE MY Mission!!!!

Well it's a party!! With Sister Violette Carlson!!!

LOVE YOU ALL!! remember to do missionary work!