Tuesday, November 12, 2013

4 Months Is Coming! (11/4/13)

Dear Brothers and Sisters,
How time is flying by......on the 10th I will have reached my 4 month mark!! How crazy is that!? I'm so old in the mission, yet so young! Sister Oswald and I were talking about days in the MTC; was that really in July that I was there stuck in prison? Longest 12 days of my life, yet so rewarding!! I think spirit prison must be a lot like that: a strong learning environment with a spirit so strong that you are being hit by a spiritual bus every day, all day long!! Stuck in that place but you just want to be free to tell everyone about the Gospel of Jesus Christ!

So many miracles have happened this week!! Did you know that the week before one is baptized, Satan is the biggest jerk!! But Taylor is so strong and ready for the Gospel!! Blessings!!

Also, something funny!
I have found a new pass time in out apartment in awkward hours when I have nothing to do or can't sleep ....Cleaning!! Yes, that's right Mother, pick yourself up off the floor! I love organizing and getting stuff to organize! I love finding new ways to be even more organized! Sheet protectors are my new favorite thing!! And colored pens to color code things! And dividers! I also Love to keep MY kitchen clean! My comps know when they can't eat because I'm cleaning it! They know where I like all of the dishes in the kitchen...it's really nice of them to let me take over the kitchen each P-day! Also, crazy thing I'm not sure if you know, but I'm in the mission choir where I mouth all the words because I cant sing well enough for the director. No more sisters will join so he is stuck with a warm body named Sister Carlson!! Its Fun!

Sister Violette Carlson!!!! HEEEEEEEYYYYYYY I LOVE YOU!!!!! SOOOOO MUCH!!!!! Pray for missionary opportunities!! And jump in a rain puddle!