Monday, October 28, 2013

Today I'm Not Being Lazy And Writing All Y'all (10/28/13)

Well it's been a crazy week, that's for sure!! I don't even know where to start!!!!!!!!!!!!

First, I'm on a new diet!! Along with no chocolate (yeah, I'm allergic to that stuff), no food with acidic stuff in it, and nothing spicy. I said good bye to my smoothies in the mornings. I also have to eat smaller portions, but more times during the day...I like that. All to help out my acid reflex - its' a party in my tummy!! But it gives me a reason not to eat so much at members' homes! When you feed the Sisters think of them and how much they don't want to grow a food baby on there kind to them...Thank you!! Sometimes I put food on one of my companion's plates while no one is looking so she has to eat it not me!! Hahaha, We love doing that to each other!! Its a fun game! Also, just last night I sprained my ankle! Again!!! My Sister Trainer Leader told me to slow down or I would be slowed down...I was slowed down, I should have slowed down! Listen to your leaders! I'm in a boot now, it's way cute! I plan on decorating it! Blessing come in many different ways!!

So a total HUGE MIRACLE happened yesterday at church!!! Taylor came to church with the Vogler family! We had never met or heard about Taylor until Brother Vogler told us in passing that she was a non-member! We ended up talking to her and planned to take her to R.S. and we got talking to her and she had been in a car accident. She was in a lot of pain and also had been going throw some other Sister Oswald told her about blessings and asked if she wanted one. She said yes, so we ran and got our Elders as well as Brother Vogler and she got a blessing...she said it was so powerful and she felt God's Love!! (Yes she did!!) I'm so happy right now!!! Then we started talking and she had a bunch of questions. As we explained things we all knew that she was ready to be baptized, so we asked her and she said yes! She wanted to be baptized that day but we told her we would have to teach her more before we can do that...November 5 is the date she is being baptized!!! So exciting!! What I love most about this is that all Brother Vogler did was talk about the church in a conversation and was an example of the believers!

So my studies have been in Matthew 14 this week when Peter walks on water!! What a great lesson to be learned there. We read that in verse 30 that Peter is afraid because of the storm and starts to sink and says "Lord save me!" And immediately Jesus stretched out his hand to help him! We can be just like Peter, we can have the faith to walk on water and we can be afraid of the storms, and we can always ask for help to follow him! He makes up the difference!!

This week I hope you are all showing kindness towards others and trying to be like Jesus! I hope you will be able to see the blessings from the effort you put out, and pray for missionary opportunities!

With so much love for all of you!! Keep up the good work and you will all be blessed because of your kindness!

Sister Violette Carlson!!!