Monday, August 26, 2013

How I Love The Work Of A Missionary! (8/25/13)

How I love the work of a missionary! Its so much fun! Sometimes I forget that I'm on a mission because missionary work is for everyone!

One of our investigators came home from India this week! He IS SOOOO COOLLL! My favorite thing he did this week was talk to his daughter on the phone while we were there and said to her: (she wanted to no why no one liked her and if something was wrong with her) "You know, if I was 14 and not your dad and if it wasn't for Jen (his almost wife), I would totally want to date you!" haha, love that guy!

Also we were using the "Windows of Heaven" program this week. We prayed to know where to go and we thought of Starbuks so we went there at the time we said we would and prayed to find the elect. Sam was standing right outside our car, boom! (Sam is a Jewish man who we saw a couple days before and decided to no longer see because he was not progressing, and was totally creepy!) So we said, "Alright Lord, if this be your will then we will continue to teach him" ...but what happened was Sam had us get him some coffee inside (Sis. DW took off her tag when she bought it) and when we came outside Sam was sitting next to Martin! We were able to teach Martin the Plan of Salvation! AHH, so cool and we are going to see him again this week! Creepy people can lead you to people that are ready to here the Gospel!

Well this week I learned a thing or two at church, First, in a ward mission meeting: a reverence leader in primary is like a security guard at walmart...they do nothing! Second, in sacrament meeting: you should leave your toy rifle in the car if your child insist on bringing in to church .. it is awkward for everyone!

And D&C 31 is a great read..and 1 Nephi 15 ahh, so good!

Stay Humble!

I love you all!! No really, I do!

Keeping it real, Sister "Violette" Carlson

P.S. Have you done any good today? Then wake up and do something more!