Monday, August 12, 2013

Missions are NOT Natural! (8/5/13)

Missions are not natural! That's what has been the main theme of the week. Just because you get on a plane does not mean that you are a changed person, no! You can't just love some one that you're teaching or your companion, you have to beg on you knees for that, every day! And once you got it down keep going to your knees because with out help we can't be the missionary we are meant to be.

This week I had to humble myself to love someone the way Christ would. To see some one through his eye is seeing them in white, no matter what they have done, because He Atoned for EVERYONE'S sin! So everyone has the opportunity if they choose (they still have their agency) to be clean from sin! So seeing them in white is seeing them as their greatest potential. It's also being converted like little do they see everyone in there meekness as kind loving Son's and Daughters of God? I want to be a child again. I feared before my mission that a mission would take the child in me out..but the fact is it's putting the child back in me...I don't think I could ask for more than that.

Now lets take a step back and let all of you remember how awkward I am... contact everyone! Why? Because you love them and want them to come into the fold of God...right? Yes, that is right ...but make sure they have pants on! So...yeah on T St., a place where we like to contact is by the beach. People go hang out on the beach and hang out and go surfing; in wet suits sometimes too..just know that! So at the end of our contacting, because of time, we headed out to our car..but we contact everyone even if you are heading to your car. So out of the corner of my eye I see a guy by his car, what a perfect time to talk to someone: they're not going anywhere and are much better to talk to, but I soon approach him and realize he has just taken off his wet suit and is only wearing a towel around his waist..eye contact was made! And I walked away like an awkward girl! a boss!

Alright one last thing..I love this quote "the fight has already been won! we can choose to celebrate with the winners or mourn with the losers!" God has won and evil has lost already! So PARTY BABY!!

Oh, go to Mormon Messages and watch enduring love! Its a great way to have a happy cry that makes you feel so good :) and My Brother Hyrum was so good as well!

I LOVE YOU all So much!! and I wish you the very best and I hope you have a wonderful week! Do something for someone else today! get blessings to:)

Stay Humble,

Sister Violette Carlson!