Tuesday, February 18, 2014

When In Doubt Mustaches It Out!! (2/18/2014)

Well this week was a productive week: Both of our investigators dropped us! It was great...one through text...very classy! And my favorite investo dropped us when we said goodbye to her. She didn't want to get close to anyone else then leave... what to do? I don't know!

So, I'm being transferred out of Westpark. So is Sister Lang, and they are not putting Sisters back in...sad face!!!

I'm going to miss West park....Westpark changed me! I have come to a better understanding of the Plan of Salvation. I know that it is God's plan for us and that through this great plan of happiness we can live with our families in the next life; together forever! That's why I'm on a mission; to help others understand that plan!! It is so important to understand that!!!

I have also come to a better understanding of my divine purpose. How great am I! I Am A Daughter of God!!! I'm a daughter of the most creative being there is! How cool is that?!!!

Well, Saturday Margaret got Baptized!!! Ayayyayayayayayay!! She is an 8 year old we have been teaching!!! So cool!! She was so cute!!

When you get that chance go to mormonchannel.org and watch Moments That Matter Most. It is a great message!!!

One night we were walking and saw the Elder's bikes so I had to get a picture with them :)

Question of the day: Where will I go? Who will be my next companion? I don't know!

LOVE, Sister Violette Carlson