Monday, February 3, 2014

I Had A Great Week (2/3/14)

This week was filled with fun and not-so-fun stuff! So let's start with the not so fun stuff... F

For the last 4 weeks I have had some pain in my stomach area all the way up to my ribs! Crazy! I had to stay in a couple of days this week because the pain was so bad...I have gone to the doctors and am still trying to figure it all out...could be gallbladder, not sure...? But I did a blood test that came back normal and I got a blessing a couple of weeks ago for it. I didn't feel like getting one because I didn't want to be one of "those" Sisters, ya know? Anywho, so I humbled myself and asked for one. I got one from my Zone Leader but then right after the pain came in 10 fold!!! So I was balling my freaking eyes out. The Zone Leaders were staring at me like 'What should we do?' then the other Zone Leader said, "I feel prompted to give you another blessing." It was one of the most simple blessing I have ever had. (I only share these next details of the words with you because I gained a strong testimony of the priesthood because of this experience.) It said that the pain would go away depending on my faith, and that my pain and sickness would calm as I acted in faith.  ....Soon my pain was gone...With a pain here or their every once and a while but my faith is imperfect so it makes sense for there to be some pain every so often. But because of this I know that the Priesthood is given to men for the benefit of others! I know that the Priesthood is a gift from God to women and that it is a tool for all to use, not just those that hold it!
Also, got to go back to Dana Point for a day and I got to be with Sister Jennings! AAHAHAHAHAH I loved it so much!!!! I got to see my favorite lady that I have met in my mission; she is So amazing and Crazy! Just like me! I hope one day I will be more like her!
Question of the week!! What is your Divine Potential?
Love, Violette Carlson